• Active Meditations 

    Boost Your Immunity with Active Meditations 

    Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists say. They followed 125...

  • Meditation for Politicians

    Meditation for Politicians  

    Nelson Mandela, the legendary South African leader, was once asked how he kept himself from hating his tormentors. Mandela answered, “Hating clouds the mind…...

  • Befriending Myself

    Befriending Myself

    I was asked to write about “What I do.” A good question really. And one that makes me think. Not like at a party...

  • The End of History

    The End of History – And All Who Sail in Her

    It’s nearly thirty years since Francis Fukuyama published his landmark essay “The End of History,” and yet here we still are. History has not...

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Who do you think you are

OSHO: Who Do You Think You Are?

Inside of All of Us Are at Least Three Personalities There is an increasing interest in understanding ourselves. Almost a century after Sigmund Freud, the basic understanding that there is a psychologically driven dimension to the mind is now common – and the area of Self-Development is moving more and more into the mainstream. Most of us have a basic knowledge and awareness of “mind issues,” and yet to deal with them is not an easy task. Going beyond psychology and therapy, Osho presents a radically different and challenging approach to our multiple "personality disorders." He completely drops the concept that something is wrong, and proposes that waking up f...