Celebrate, and Existence Will Join You in Celebration

Osho’s existential proposal is that we can celebrate everything, all the time. The Meditation Resort is putting Osho’s unique vision – which he expresses consistently throughout his work – into practice. Visitors from all over the world can share in the invaluable experience of moving away from old conditionings,...

The Woman Should Be Given Every Freedom

For millenia women have been oppressed by men. The feminist movement has done its best to liberate women from this oppression, yet it is only very recently that a campaign has started to make heard the voices of those who’ve suffered at the hands of men. Osho’s vision is...

Freedom Is to Be Yourself

When I talk about freedom, I mean freedom from something or freedom to do something; it implies more freedom of choice. But my impression is that choiceless awareness precedes the freedom you talk about. What kind of freedom does not involve choice? Can it be defined, or is it...