The Art of Transcending Time

Growing old is not the same as growing up. We grow old in time; we grow up in the moment. “Man is born to achieve life, but it all depends on him. He can miss it. He can go on breathing, he can go on eating, he can go on...

Euthanasia Is Our Birthright

“Euthanasia, or the freedom to choose your death, should be accepted as a birthright of every human being. "A limit can be put to it, for example, seventy-five years. After the age of seventy-five the hospitals should be ready to help anybody who wants to get rid of their body....

Live as Intensely as Possible

“Live as intensely as possible. Burn your candle of life from both ends. Burn it so intensely that if it is finished in one second it is okay. At least you will have known what it is, because only intensity penetrates. And if you can live an intense life...