What is this Attachment with Misery?


There are reasons. Just look into your misery, watch, and you will be able to find what the reasons are. Then look into those moments when once in a while you allow yourself the joy of being in joy, and then see what differences are there. These will be the few things….

When you are miserable you are a conformist.

Society loves it, people respect you, you have great respectability, you can even become a saint; hence your saints are all miserable. The misery is written large on their faces, in their eyes. Because they are miserable they are against all joy. They condemn all joy as hedonism; they condemn every possibility of joy as sin. They are miserable, and they would like to see the whole world miserable. In fact only in a miserable world can they be thought to be saints. In a happy world they would have to be hospitalized, mentally treated. They are pathological.

Look into your misery and you will find certain fundamental things are there. One: it gives you respect. People feel more friendly towards you, more sympathetic. You will have more friends if you are miserable.

This is a very strange world, something is fundamentally wrong with it. It should not be so; the happy person should have more friends. But become happy and people become jealous of you, they are no longer friendly. They feel cheated; you have something that is not available to them. Why are you happy? So we have learned down the ages a subtle mechanism: to repress happiness and to express misery. It has become our second nature.

My sannyasins have to drop this whole mechanism. You have to learn how to be happy, and you have to learn to respect happy people and you have to learn to pay more attention to happy people, remember. This is a great service to humanity.

Don’t sympathize too much with people who are miserable.

If somebody is miserable, help, but don’t sympathize. Don’t give him the idea that misery is something worthwhile. Let him know perfectly well that you are helping him, but “This is not out of respect, this is simply because you are miserable.” And you are not doing anything but trying to bring the man out of his misery, because misery is ugly. Let the person feel that the misery is ugly, that to be miserable is not something virtuous, that “You are not doing a great service to humanity.”

Be happy, respect happiness, and help people to understand that happiness is the goal of life – Sat-Chit-Anand.

The Eastern mystics have said the divine has three qualities. It is sat: it is truth, being. It is chit: consciousness, awareness. And, ultimately, the highest peak is anand: bliss. Wherever bliss is, the dvine is.

Whenever you see a blissful person, respect him, he is holy.

And wherever you feel a gathering which is blissful, festive, think of it as a sacred place.

We have to learn a totally new language, only then can this old rotten humanity be changed. We have to learn the language of health, wholeness, happiness.

It is going to be difficult because our investments are great.

That is why it is so difficult to be happy and so easy to be miserable.

Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Talk #20

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