From Yoga to Osho Active Meditations


This is a guest post from a Yogini’s Journey – From Yoga to Osho Active Meditations
by Antar – SiriSat (Julia Claire)

The opportunity to learn OSHO Active Meditation techniques as a facilitator came to my attention recently, and I immediately felt curiously drawn towards a training course organized by OSHO International. The five day intensive was to be held for the first time in Spain, only four hour´s drive away from my home and had been announced by on my birthday. Was this interesting synchronicity a gift in disguise? Unhesitatingly I enrolled to join and promptly received a welcoming email and kind personal attention from Charna, organizer and director of OSHO International Español.

Over almost thirty years as a yogini and yoga teacher, Osho´s teachings have accompanied my spiritual growth as a personal source of inspiration, despite studying in depth in the presence of a Master Yogi. After reading many of Osho´s books, it has later become a valuable experience to listen to his voice and watch his talks on video. This has brought me the understanding of witnessing the “silent gaps” in his talks as a form of meditation. What was I yet to discover through an Osho group experience? I had attended and taught at many yoga retreats with friends and students in the past, but this time by following my heart and intuition I ventured alone on a new journey.

The awaited day of the course arrived and over fifty of us from all walks of life met for the first evening gathering at the retreat in the Spanish countryside. I felt happily at home in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Melodic Indian music welcomed us in the large dome shaped hall and we danced together. A pleasant breeze of playfulness and celebration was already present.

Our delightful teacher Garimo Ackermann had learnt and worked closely with Osho himself for many years during the initial creation of the Osho Active Meditations, and it was a great privilege to receive her wise tuition, grace, and smiling presence. She introduced us to her course with great attention to our needs, open to our personal enquiries. We were given the details and instructions for the Osho Dynamic Meditation to be practiced the following morning before sunrise.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation

The next day my familiar morning yoga “sadhana” practice became replaced by a stunningly powerful alternative. In contrast to the traditional static “pranayama” breathing techniques, the “chaotic breathing” accompanied by spontaneous movements, allowed the body to build up oxygen. The music enhanced the experience, until a loud gong announced the next phase of total catharsis. There was no holding back; any sound, emotion, or body movement was permitted to explode from within and be released allowing complete liberation of any inhibitions or repressed feelings. No “asanas” or postures were required here to stretch, move and cleanse toxins; in fact I perspired to the extent of a complete physical workout as we entered the third phase of jumping and chanting the mantra “Hoo”.

The next period of complete stillness brought a deep silence, a centering awareness; the calm after the storm. The celebrative dance that followed accompanied by the dawn sunlight brought quiet serenity and inner bliss.

As we continued to practice the great variety of Osho Active Meditations during the course, the awakening awareness I experienced as a physical centering in my third chakra or “hara” remained with me. The power of the Osho Dynamic Meditation had created such an impact on my being that I was eager to share this newly learned technique with my yoga students, to become a valuable complement to our regular yoga practice.

Dancing off the Yoga Mat

In the afternoon at sunset I learnt the “sister” of the Dynamic, the OSHO Kundalini Meditation; a wonderful tool to release inner tensions through spontaneous shaking, later allowing oneself to dissolve into natural dance movements that lead to meditative silence and relaxation. As a trained dancer, leaving the demanding techniques behind and learning to “become” the dance was liberating.

This experience has allowed me to discover a fascinating paradox after years of practice and efforts to raise the Kundalini energy through disciplinary yogic techniques. In the Osho Kundalini Meditation one simply dances freely and the creative life force flows upwards in a natural awakening. This reflects a striking difference between the “effort of doing” in yoga that requires mental concentration, and the “let-go of being” in the Osho techniques. They encourage us to move beyond mind, which underlines the sheer beauty I have found in the Osho Active Meditations that guide us through a transition from ego to higher consciousness.

As our teacher Garimo suggested, I have joined iOsho and iMeditate, on where one can meet fellow meditators online and find many treasures. I especially enjoy the OSHO Evening Meeting Meditation at home. As the chapter on Meditation from the book “Meditation the First and Last Freedom” describes:
“Osho’s daily talks culminated in his creating and refining this event. The meditation has many aspects which perhaps can only be described as ‘mystical’.

Listening to his words of wisdom, guided meditation and hilarious jokes at the end of the day is exhilarating. “Meditation the First and Last Freedom” was the recommended book for the course, and on my return I also purchased “The Book of Secrets”, and “Pharmacy for the Soul” which offer an enormous variety of tools and techniques.

Thanks to the intensive training, we have now begun practicing the Osho Active Meditations with a few of my yoga students once a week, which allows me to participate with them more as friends without the responsibility of facilitating a larger group. As more people become interested I am proposing a twenty one day Osho Dynamic Meditation, as I know the experience will be most valuable for us all. I am learning the power of catharsis and how profound Osho´s contemporary methods truly are.

My students and I love to dance, and the active meditations enable us to express a natural inner happiness, celebrate life, and experience oneness with existence. This “Union” is also the true meaning of Yoga.
A creative harmony unfolds between our Yoga sessions and the Osho Active Meditations that leads us to dance off our yoga mats in joyful abandon.

May I express my deep gratitude to Osho and our teacher, dear Garimo Ackermann for bringing his techniques to life within me. I am watching a transformation in consciousness and a flowing creativity that nearly thirty years of yoga had not yet brought.

A loving quality of celebration has become present in all my activities, and Osho´s words continue to inspire me as a yoga teacher to explore further horizons on a wondrous inner journey that points the way to freedom.

“Experiment with more flowing forms, with more freedom. Use Patanjali and his Yoga postures as jumping-boards and then let everybody seek and search for his own form, his own being, for whatsoever he feels good with. The work of a Yoga teacher is not to impose a certain discipline forcibly but to provoke the inner consciousness of the person so that he starts loving his body, so he starts playing with his body as if it is a musical instrument. It is!” – OSHO

Antar – SiriSat (Julia Claire)
Yoga teacher, Reiki master & Vibrational therapist.
Singer-Dancer-Songwriter & Music CDs for Yoga, Dance and Meditation.