Meditation Is a Device


“…without intelligence there can be no happiness. Man can only be happy if he is intelligent, utterly intelligent.

“Meditation is a device to release your intelligence. The more meditative you become, the more intelligent you become. But remember, by intelligence I don’t mean intellectuality. Intellectuality is part of stupidity.

“Intelligence is a totally different phenomenon, it has nothing to do with the head. Intelligence is something that comes from your very center. It wells up in you, and with it many things start growing in you. You become happy, you become creative, you become rebellious, you become adventurous, you start loving insecurity, you start moving into the unknown. You start living dangerously, because that is the only way to live.

“To be a sannyasin means to decide: ‘I will live my life intelligently,’ ‘I will not be just an imitator,’ ‘I will live within my own being, I will not be directed and commanded from without.’ ‘I will risk all to be myself, but I will not be part of a mob psychology,’ ‘I will walk alone,’ ‘I will find my own path,’ ‘I will make my own path in the world of truth.’ Just by walking into the unknown you create the path. The path is not already there; just by walking, you create it.

“For stupid people there are superhighways where crowds move. And for centuries and centuries they have been moving – and going nowhere, going in circles. But you have the comfort that you are with many people, you are not alone.

“Intelligence gives you the courage to be alone, and intelligence gives you the vision to be creative. A great urge, a great hunger arises to be creative. And only then, as a consequence, you can be happy, you can be blissful.”

Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Talk #20