Meditation for Kids Should Be Mandatory


“Sex does not rear its head as soon as a child is born. There is still time for that. The body gathers energy, the cells gain strength, and the day comes when the body is fully ready. The energy will slowly muster itself, and then it will push open a door that has been shut for the first fourteen years – and for the child that is the beginning of the world of sex.

“Once that door has opened it becomes difficult to open the new door, because it is the nature of energy that once it has found a passage to flow along, it is easier for it to keep that passage. Once the Ganges has set its course it continues to flow along it; it does not seek out a new course every day. Fresh waters may pour in daily, but it continues to flow along the same path. Similarly, man’s life-energy seeks a course for itself and then continues to flow along it.

“If a person is to be freed of sexuality, it is necessary to create a new door for the sexual energy before the door of sex opens. The new door is that of meditation.

“There should be a mandatory teaching and lessons in meditation for every child in the early years. Instead we teach the child antagonism to sex which is absolutely foolish. The child is not to be taught antagonism to sex, the child is to be given something positive: how to become available to meditation. And children can attain to meditation faster because the door to their sex energy is not open yet, the door is closed; the energy is safely conserved, it can knock on any new door and open it. Later these same people would have grown old and it would be very difficult for them to attain to meditation.

“A supple young plant bends easily in any direction, it can be bent easily in any direction. But as it grows older, it hardens. If you try to bend it then, it can break.

“Older people trying meditation is a wrong approach. All efforts of meditation should be made on children. But humans, as they are, only show interest in meditation toward the end of their life. Only then do they inquire about what meditation is, what spiritual discipline is, how they can become peaceful. When all our energy is spent, when all the possibilities of progress have dried up, when everything has hardened in its tracks, when all suppleness is lost, when transformation is very difficult we want to transform ourselves. A person with one foot in the grave asks if anything can be done to attain to meditation. Is there a way? This is strange. This notion is mad.

“This planet can never be peaceful and meditative until we connect the notion of meditation with the kids. It is futile to connect it with people who are in the evening of their lives. It unnecessarily demands enormous effort to try to become peaceful toward the end of one’s life; it could have been very easily accomplished if it had been attempted earlier in life.

“So the first step toward the transformation of sex is to introduce small children to meditation – to initiate them into peace, and to initiate them into no-thought, to initiate them into silence. Children are anyway silent and peaceful by adult standards. If they were given a little bit of direction and taught to be silent and serene even for a little while each day, a new door would have already opened in them by the time they were fourteen years old, by the time they were sexually mature. The energy would mature and begin to flow through the door that is already open. They would have had the experiences of peace, of bliss, of timelessness and of egolessness long before the experience of sex. This familiarity would prevent their energy from moving into wrong channels; it would divert it onto the right path.

“Instead of teaching the tranquility of meditation, we teach children to abhor sex. ‘Sex is sin, sex is dirty,’ we say. We tell them it is ugly and bad; we say that it is hell. But name-calling does nothing whatsoever to alter the actual situation. On the contrary, children become more curious; they want to know more about this evil, about this dirty thing that makes their parents and teachers so afraid and panic-stricken.

“And within a very short time, children come to know that their parents themselves are engaged in the very same pursuit about which they were being prevented from knowing. And the day they discover this, all their respect and trust in their parents evaporates. Modern education is not responsible, as is generally believed, for the great decrease in the reverence for parents; the parents themselves are to blame for this. Children soon come to know that the parents are completely submerged in the very thing they teach as dirty, that their day-life is different from their night-life, that there is disparity in what they say and what they do.


“Do not teach children that sex is sin. Instead, it is necessary to explain to them that sex is part and parcel of life, that we are all born out of sex, that sex is in our very life itself. This will help them to understand their parents’ behavior easily in its proper perspective, and when they grow up and experience life for themselves they will be filled with reverence for the sincerity and honesty of their parents. There can be no greater ingredient in making their lives religious than discovering the sincerity and honesty of their parents.”

Abridged from Osho, From Sex to Superconsciousness, Talk #3

Osho Times International/Courtesy Osho International Foundation/

Meditation for Kids Should Be Mandatory