The Politician Is Sick Because of His Ego


With discussions underway for a possible meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the United States, here’s what Osho has about inferiority and the political mind.

“The political mind suffers from a wound of inferiority, and the politician goes on scratching the wound. Intellectually, he is not an Albert Einstein – he compares himself with giants – psychologically he is not a Sigmund Freud. If you compare yourself with the giants of humanity you are bound to feel completely shrunk, worthless.

“This worthlessness can be removed in two ways: one is religion, the other is politics. Politics does not really remove it, only covers it. It is the same sick man, the same man who was feeling inferior, who sits as a president. But just sitting on a chair as the president – what difference can it make to your inner situation?…

The ego is subtle and slippery.

“The ego is so subtle and so slippery. And the politician is sick because of his ego. Now there are two ways: either he can cover the wound by becoming a president, a prime minister. He can cover the wound, but the wound is there. You can deceive the whole world but how can you deceive yourself? You know it. It is there, you have covered it.…

“The same is the situation of the politician: just pus, wounds, inferiority, feeling worthless.

Inferiority creates ambition.

“Yes, he has reached higher and higher, and on each step of the ladder, the hope was that on the next step the wound would be healed. Inferiority creates ambition, because ambition simply means an effort to prove yourself superior.

“There is no other meaning to ambition but an effort to prove yourself superior. But why make an effort to prove yourself superior unless you are suffering from inferiority?”

Osho, From Ignorance to Innocence, Talk #15