Love Brings a Thousand and One Lies into Life


Love: we fall into it, fall out of it, and we habitually lie about it. Hands up who hasn’t said, “I will love you forever.”

Why do we do it? Why are we so afraid to be honest in our love?

“Love brings a thousand and one lies into life. It is humiliating. One feels caged, imprisoned, compromised.

“One feels paralyzed, crippled. One feels chained in a thousand and one ways. That’s why people are afraid of love.”

I will love you forever and forever

“It happens in everyday life – you love a woman and you say to the woman ‘I will love you forever and forever and forever’! After a few months the love has disappeared – now you feel guilty that you had promised that you would love forever. Now you want to depart – now it is impossible to be together. So you start feeling as if you were lying at that moment. No – that was the truth in that moment. When love is there, one feels that way. That’s the feeling of love – that you would like to live together with the person forever.

“And it is not untrue – it is absolutely true. But it is the truth of the love moment. When the love moment has gone, it has taken its truth too. Now there is no love, so there is no question. And you are not breaking any promises. In fact, a true man cannot promise. And the more you understand, the more you will be less and less ready to promise, because how can you promise? Tomorrow will bring its own truth – how can you promise?

“There are moments in which promises come very naturally, but then there is no need to feel guilty. Just understand it and don’t compare notes.

“One thing to be remembered: wherever you are, let it have total possession – that moment has to be total. I call it lying if you are not total in that moment. When you love, love totally. When love disappears, let it disappear totally.

“When you are on the peak, be totally there; when you are in the valley, be totally there. Don’t let your peak interfere with the valley and don’t let your valley interfere with your peak. Just be true moment to moment…. Live atomically. Each moment is an atom, and only one moment is given at one time, so why bother about the moments that are gone or about the moments that are to come?

“Just let this moment be all in all. Then there is great spontaneity, great beauty, great richness….”

Excerpted from Osho books.

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