Music Has to Be in Your Heart


Music can turn you on to yourself, awakening stagnant energy and rippling into the core of your being. Make music a part of your life and turn your life into music.

“Bliss is music, music that arises when all your parts – your body, your mind, your heart and your being – are functioning in deep harmony; then your life becomes an orchestra!”

“Music has to be in your heart; your very being has to be musical, it has to become a harmony. A man can exist as a chaos or as a cosmos.

“Music is the way from chaos to cosmos. A man can exist as a disorder, a discord, just noise, a market place, or a man can exist as a temple, a sacred silence, where celestial music is heard on its own, uncreated music is heard on its own.”

Let your whole being vibrate

“And music is good. Enjoy it. Move with the music and allow the vibration of it. Don’t hold in any way. Let your whole being vibrate. In fact the whole existence consists of nothing but vibrations – millions of forms, but all the forms consist of different types of vibrations. Even physicists say that the deeper you go into the atom, the more you find that nothing is left but only a pulsating energy, vibrations.

“We are made of vibrations, so the more you vibrate, the more alive you are. Hence music is tremendously meaningful, because it can vibrate you. It can bring pulsation to many layers of your being which have become stale, stagnant. It can create ripples in your innermost core. If you allow and you are not afraid, those ripples will go on deeper and deeper and deeper. They will touch your very core, your very center.

“So allow music to enter you. Just become a receptivity, an openness. Go all the way and don’t hold, because holding will create trouble; your energy starts being divided.

“When music influences you, when you are under its impact, then completely forget yourself. Be oblivious of yourself. Just become part of it, and then you are nothing but a vibration. Then the music will start playing upon you and you will be just like an instrument.

“It is going to give you the greatest meditation that is possible. No other meditation is needed.”

Compose your own music

“And if you observe in life, everywhere man has been reduced from being active, participant, into a spectator. Now, this kind of life cannot bring you joy. You are not living, you are avoiding living. It is better to compose your own music. It may not be great, it does not matter. You may not become a famous musician; that does not matter either. What matters is that you were composing it yourself. You were not a spectator; you were a participant, you were a creator. And if people are deprogrammed, all their energy will move towards creativity.”

Learn the art of creating harmony within

“Man can live in constant conflict or in constant music. It is the same energy that becomes conflict or that becomes music. The whole thing is to learn the art of creating harmony within your being – and the whole conditioning of humanity is to create conflict. They tell you not to be angry but they never tell you how. They insist that it is bad to be angry but nobody ever tells you the science of not being angry. So the only thing left for you is to repress anger, not to show it. It will be there and it goes on accumulating.

“That’s how one creates conflict, one becomes double: anger is there and one is smiling, sex is there and one is taking a vow of celibacy, desire is there and one is renouncing the world, greed is there but one is pretending non-greediness, violence is there and one has cultivated a mask of nonviolence, hate is there and one is trying to project love. So in a thousand ways one becomes divided and there is constant conflict, inner war, civil war. Everybody is sitting on a volcano, it can erupt any moment.

“The society has taken every care to drive you insane. It is really a miracle how people somehow manage to keep themselves together.

“Life can be music and should be music because only then do you know what life is.

“But then repression won’t help. You will have to learn something of the inner alchemy, of how anger is transformed into compassion, how hate is transformed into love with no residue so there is no conflict left, how violence becomes nonviolence and how living in the world one can yet be not of it.

The science of meditation

“This is what I call the whole science of the inner, the whole inner alchemy. It is the greatest science in the world because it transforms man, and nothing is more valuable than man. Even if we could transform iron into gold that would be nothing. If we can transform our ugly instincts into beautiful flowers that is real magic.  And it is not difficult either. Just a simple phenomenon has to be learned – I call it meditation.”

Excerpted from Osho books.