A Child Is a Combination of Two Personalities


A child is a combination of two personalities, and inside every person, says Osho, are at least three personalities. One is what you really are, about which you know almost nothing. The second is what you think you are. The third is what you want to project to other people that you are.

“Now the psychology of the unconscious has looked into the matter more deeply. The child, each child, boy or girl, carries two personalities within himself or herself – the personality of the mother and the father, because a child is made from two biologies, two psychologies.

“A child is a combination of two persons, two personalities – something is contributed by the father and something is contributed by the mother. If the child is a male child the mother-part inside him will go on looking for some woman who is almost similar.

“Your woman inside is nothing but your mother part inside you. And when some woman fits with your inner woman, you fall in love – but this is absolutely irrational. And exactly that happens when you fall in love with a man. You carry your father inside you – when some man fits the image…. Nobody can fit the image totally, that’s the trouble. You are not going to get your father as your husband ever; your father cannot become your husband, your mother cannot become your wife.

“And no two individuals are alike – this is the problem.

No woman can be exactly like your mother

“And you are searching for your mother unconsciously. When you suddenly see a woman as beautiful, that is your mother – in some way she resembles your mother. But in some way only. Maybe her voice is like your mother, maybe her eyes have the same color, maybe her hair is the same color. Or maybe the way she walks is exactly the way of your mother. And you don’t know it; you don’t know it consciously. It is in your unconscious – it is hidden deep there in the darkness. And you fall in love. But no woman can be exactly like your mother, so sooner or later things start coming up which are not like your mother. Then disturbance starts – the honeymoon is complete.”

Osho, Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol. 2, Talk #10