OSHO: Who Do You Think You Are?


Inside of All of Us Are at Least Three Personalities

There is an increasing interest in understanding ourselves. Almost a century after Sigmund Freud, the basic understanding that there is a psychologically driven dimension to the mind is now common – and the area of Self-Development is moving more and more into the mainstream.

Most of us have a basic knowledge and awareness of “mind issues,” and yet to deal with them is not an easy task.

Going beyond psychology and therapy, Osho presents a radically different and challenging approach to our multiple “personality disorders.” He completely drops the concept that something is wrong, and proposes that waking up from our illusions is the solution. He takes us through three steps on the path to awakening, steps to help us to get out of our conditioning, our limitations and frustrations, and to figure out who we really are.

Waking up or awakening means that the dream is over – the dream of unconsciousness we all spend most of our lives in that so often brings a life of tensions, anguish, feeling unfulfilled and running after illusions that are just substitutes for what we are really looking for.

“There are only three steps: freedom of consciousness, simplicity of mind, and emptiness of mind.”

Inside every person, says Osho, are at least three personalities. One is what you really are, about which you know almost nothing. The second is what you think you are. The third is what you want to project to other people that you are.

Before we can come to know ourselves, we have to become naked; we have to drop all our clothes. We not only wear clothes on the outside, we also wear clothes on the inside, too, in the mind.

We are not only afraid to be naked on the outside, we are also very afraid to be naked on the inside. We are very afraid to see ourselves naked, to see what we really are. We avoid to see what we are, otherwise we will be afraid of ourselves. So we put on many faces and decorate ourselves in many ways; we make many arrangements to avoid seeing the real inner self.

This little book is actually a big book, containing the essence of Osho’s insights into the mind and inner psychology from an early period of his public life and teachings.

Paperback: 120 pages

Publisher: Osho Media International

Language: English

Print: ISBN-13 978-1938755736

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Three Steps to Awakening