Remember That Which Was with You before You Were Born


“If you can remember that which is within you, which was with you even before you were born, then you can understand that something will remain even after death. If you think that all that you are came after you were born, death will snatch everything away. If you have at least something of the nature you were born with, which you feel has not been learned during your life, or taken or acquired from life, then there is no reason to be afraid of death. Death cannot snatch away what you have not obtained from life.

“But we are all afraid of death, not because it is frightening, but because there is nothing within us from life that can be saved, that can remain with us after death.

“Death will take away everything that we have gained from life and from others. It may be fame, wealth, knowledge, or character. It may be anything which we have acquired from others, which we have stolen. This kind of stealing is not recognized by the courts. It is subject to the supreme law called religiousness. It is only in the court of existence that this stealing is recognized.

“Do you have anything that you can call original, not obtained from anyone else? If not, you are living a stolen life.

“If you remember just once that you have nothing which you can call your own, a revolution will begin to take place in your life. So don’t start thinking that if you haven’t stolen even a penny from someone else’s house, then you have never stolen anything. That kind of theft has nothing to do with religiousness. We are concerned with a special kind of theft which is beyond the jurisdiction of the law, which cannot be decided by the courts, which is beyond the scope of judges. Religiousness is concerned with a kind of theft which is related to dignity and honor, which is a theft of individuality, of faces – and all of us live with stolen, borrowed faces. In the way we live we are not ourselves, we are someone else.”

Osho, The Art of Living, Talk #9

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