Love More. Delight More, Celebrate More, Dance More, Sing More – Simple!


Our delight, our happiness, may not be what makes others happy. So all we can do is create within ourselves a model of the human being we would like the whole humanity to be.

“Go on thinking about it: a world without wars, without famine, without poverty, but what is the point? – you are dreaming! Rather, be more realistic. Create a human being inside you who has no warring tendencies, no conflicting tendencies, no violence, no aggression; that’s all that can be done. That is feasible.

“Create a human being within, don’t think about human kind. How can you manage that? That is not possible. Leave all that to foolish politicians. They will think about it.

“You can do something for the human being that you are. Drop all conflicting tendencies: violence, aggression, fear – be loving, prayerful, meditative. Create at least one human being as you would like the whole humanity to be. At least create a model within you so that your fragrance spreads and gives a vision to people that this too is possible, that man is divine.

“Love more. Delight more, celebrate more, dance more, sing more: that’s all that you can do.

“Leave a dream around you – actualized. If somebody loves it, he may follow. I cannot say that the whole humanity will follow – it is such a vast thing.

“And there is no need of that because your happiness may not be others’ happiness. Your singing may be just noise for somebody else. Your dance may be nothing but a nuisance. So who is to decide? Don’t take the responsibility that you will decide for the whole – no.

“You drop out of these roles of decider. You are not the decider. You simply live your life in the small corner that you have got.

“Whatsoever you can do for yourself, do it.

“And if somebody feels good, attracted, magnetized – help him, but out of love, not out of any missionary spirit. That is poison.”

Osho, Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol. 4, Talk #2