Being Happy Is up to You


Being happy is our choice to make. It really is that simple.

“A Sufi mystic was dying. His disciples gathered and they said ‘One thing we always wanted to ask but we could never gather enough courage to ask… If we don’t ask now we will never be able to ask because you will be leaving the body. So now whatsoever you think of us… you can think of us as fools, but we have to ask the question.

“How did you manage your whole life? – because we have never seen you serious, sad, unhappy; you have always been blissful.

“How did you manage? – because it is impossible to be so blissful day in, day out.’

“The old man laughed and he said ‘Early in my life I discovered that it is a question of choice. So this has become my daily routine: every morning – this morning too – the first thing in the morning, before I open my eyes, I think “Now a new day is going to be there – what do you want, old man?

“Do you want to be happy or unhappy?” And I always choose happiness.’

“If you know that it is a question of choice you are bound to choose happiness always. People think that we are victims; that is wrong, we are not victims. It is not that situations go on dragging us into unhappiness and sometimes into happiness, that we are just at the mercy of blind forces – no, not at all, a thousand times no. Every moment we are choosing. Maybe our choice is unconscious, we may not be consciously choosing, but choice is there.”

Osho, Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones, Talk #2

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The Happiness That Comes from Within