Is Time Ever Wasted?


You know when you want to be alone and then when you are you feel restless, unable to just enjoy being alone, as though you’re wasting time?

Osho speaks about how the reverse is true.

“When you are feeling good being alone, then just be alone. Don’t do anything, unless the doing comes from the heart itself, and then it will be a totally different thing. You will not be a doer then. Just wait for a few months, just sit silently whenever you are feeling good in being alone.

“Just sit silently and don’t bring your conditioned mind into it which says ‘What are you doing? You are wasting your time.’ This is the only way not to waste time. All other ways are of wasting. This is the only way to save time.

“And finally, when you have arrived home, you will understand what I am saying. Then looking backwards you will see that this is the only time that is saved – the time when you were not doing anything and were just sitting silently. All those things that you have been doing and doing are lost and the time is wasted. But the mind, and particularly the Western mind, the modern mind – which are synonyms – is continuously saying ‘Do something, otherwise the time is wasted. Create something, otherwise the time is wasted.’

“Time is not wasted! There is eternity – there is no fear of wasting it.

“You just sit and enjoy sitting. That is the meaning of the word zazen: enjoying simple sitting. And then one day it happens, it certainly happens, that something comes out of that silence; but it is not a kind of doing. Suddenly you find that you are playing on the guitar… not that you decided to play, not that you were feeling restless, not that you were not feeling good sitting silently. Nothing of the kind. Suddenly you feel that the silence wants to sing or to create music – the silence itself. You are nowhere there. The silence takes the guitar in its hands and starts playing. Then there is great music, then the silence writes poetry. You are nobody, you are nowhere between the poetry and the silence. The poetry itself is translating, the music itself is creating itself. Then being and doing are no more opposites; they are bridged. But for that you will have to wait.

“Something beautiful is on the way. Allow it – help it, cooperate with it.”

Osho, The Madman’s Guide to Enlightenment, Talk #10

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Love, Freedom, Aloneness