Listen to Your Intuition


Listen to your intuition, be spontaneous, be in the present.

“When I say to be spontaneous, I mean be in the present. Never sacrifice the present for the future, because there is no future – only the present is. When I say to be spontaneous, I mean to be natural. Don’ t be bothered too much about what the society says. Listen to your own instincts, to your own intuition.

“Listen to your own body, your own mind, your own being.

“Your master is within you. Take your guidance from there. And wherever it leads is good. Wherever it leads, there God is to be found.

“Naturally these are dangerous statements, because you can take them on their surface value. You can start feeling that now there is no need to be responsible. But in fact if you understand me, I am saying that this is what responsibility is. You have been taught a very wrong concept about responsibility – as if responsibility is a duty to be fulfilled, an obligation.

“When I use the word responsibility, I mean the capacity to respond – and that is possible only if you are spontaneous. If you are available to the moment, only then can you be responsible.

“The responsibility is not towards God. The responsibility is not towards the society. The responsibility is not towards the state. The responsibility is towards existence itself. I am teaching a greater responsibility. The lower responsibilities will take care of themselves. If the higher is fulfilled, the lower will be fulfilled automatically, but not vice versa. You can fulfill the lower; the higher will not be fulfilled by the lower.

“So when I say to be spontaneous, I mean to be aware of your innermost core. Be aware that you are part of such a great existence, such a beautiful cosmos. Be aware that you are a part, and you have to function in tune with the cosmos, that’s all. If you are functioning in tune with the cosmos, you will never be against society. You will never be against anything. You will be only against those things which create slavery in you, that’s all. And about that too you will not become a political revolutionary; you will not start fighting against them. You will simply avoid them; they are not worthwhile. This is the difference between a revolutionary and a rebel.

“I value the rebel more than the revolutionary. The revolutionary is the political person. He is more concerned in changing the structure of the society.

“The rebel simply says ‘I am here only for a few days, I will not be here forever so who bothers about the structure? I am here to live my life as truly as possible, as freely as possible. So I will live my life and I will not allow anybody to interfere in my life, and I will not interfere in anybody’s life.’

“A rebel is an individualist A revolutionary is again trying to control the society, and whenever a revolutionary succeeds, again another orthodoxy succeeds. Whenever a revolutionary comes into power he is no more a revolutionary. The rebel can never come into power because the rebel never seeks power.”

Osho, God Is Not For Sale, Talk #8

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