Swearing Is Good for You – Why Letting It out Works


We all know that when we hit our thumb with a hammer, we feel better when we swear – but why? A recent article in Wired magazine cites research pointing to how letting it out reduces pain, and author Emma Byrne says swearing is good for you.

Swearing may be frowned upon, but evidence shows that doing just that, expressing our feelings, has many unexpected benefits.

“So the first thing is this: you have to throw out the pain, because it becomes less by being expressed.

“Don’t repress it, because it grows through being repressed. And when you have the first glimpses of bliss from within, then express that bliss… because the more you express bliss, the more it grows inside. Fresh layers of it will begin to unfold.

“It is just like when you keep on drawing water from a well: new springs from fresh sources keep refilling the well. The spring of bliss is within, so don’t become afraid that if you draw from it, it will diminish.

“Pain is reduced by being expressed because its source is not found within. It was brought in from the outside, so if you throw it out, it will get less.

“If you want to hold on to the pain, then keep this technique in mind: never throw it out. If you want to increase your suffering, if this is what you are set on doing – and it seems that many people are set on doing just this – then never express your suffering, don’t manifest it. If tears are welling up, swallow them; if you feel anger, repress it. If any trouble is welling up inside, repress it – it will increase. You will become one big hell.

“If you want to reduce pain then throw it out. If you want to increase bliss, then express that too; because bliss is within and new layers will keep on revealing themselves.

“And as you keep on expressing bliss you will begin to have more and more glimpses of a purer bliss.”

Osho, The Voice of Silence, Talk #1

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