Inner Emptiness

"All religions are destroyed by the non-essential. Your whole life is destroyed by the non-essential. But nobody else can decide for you what is essential and what is non-essential." Osho

Fear Of Earthquakes

It happened that a Zen master was invited as a guest. A few friends had gathered and they were eating and talking when suddenly there was an earthquake. The building that they were sitting in was a seven story building, and they were on the seventh story so life...

Feminine Qualities

"Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity – these are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has. "But the whole past has been dominated by man and his qualities. "Naturally in war, love is of no use, truth is of no use, beauty is of...

Two Faces Of Sex Obsession

Up to now the gestalt has been repression/indulgence, indulgence/repression, going on moving between these two. We have to stop exactly in the middle. It is in the middle that transcendence is possible And it is in the middle that we can create a humanity which will be neither Eastern nor Western. And it is immensely needed, urgently needed, that a man comes on the earth which is neither Eastern nor Western: a new kind of man with a new vision, freed of all the bondage of the past. An Osho quote.

Meditation And Concentration

“The ability to concentrate is not something to feel blessed about. It is a frozen state of mind, a very narrow state of mind. Useful of course: useful for others, useful in scientific inquiry, useful in business, useful in the market, useful in politics, but absolutely useless for yourself....

Psychological & Physical Aspects Of Pain

Psychological pain can be dissolved; and only psychological pain can be dissolved. The other pain, the physical pain, is part of life and death; there is no way to dissolve it. But it never creates a problem. Have you ever observed? -- The problem is only when you are...

Theory Of Karma

"The law of karma, in the first place, is not a law. That word gives it an aroma as if it is something scientific, like the law of gravitation. It is merely a hope, not a law at all. "It has been hoped for centuries that if you do good...