The Fundamental Difference Between Psychology, Therapy, and Meditation Soon after he first settled in Pune and a community of seekers had begun to gather around him, Osho began to integrate new Western therapeutic approaches into his work. Known broadly as "Humanistic Psychology Movement" these methods had evolved in the West...

Vacations and Happiness

Everyone is waiting for and dreaming about their next vacation, whether it's just a simple weekend or a long winter break, holidays are an integral part of working life. The question is: does the dream ever come true? Do people enjoy actual time spent on their favorite picnic spot? I always wondered...

Violence and Its Roots

"Violence is not the nature of man; it is the acquisition of his past, it is the impression of his past. Violence is man's conditioning which was unavoidable through the process of his evolution from beastly life. Beast is to be pardoned because violence is unavoidable in its life." Osho