no-mind and zen bull
No-Mind: A Zen Bull

How to Stop the Chattering Mind!

7 min read Osho, How can I stop my chatterbox mind? “The mind is simply a biocomputer. When the child is born, he has no mind; there is no chattering going on in him. It takes almost three to four years for his mechanism to start functioning. And you will see that girls start talking earlier than boys. They are bigger chatterboxes. They...

The Sower, by Van Gogh at Arles, in 1888
The Sower, by Van Gogh at Arles, in 1888

What Is the Taste of Being Here Now? Is Thinking Part of It?

5 min read “If you have some aesthetic sense, then some aesthetic experience will give you the taste. “Seeing a sunset, if you have the heart of a painter, the heart stops; you start missing beats. The sun is setting, just falling and falling and falling, and a moment more and it will be gone. And all that color in the clouds, all...





Love or Mutual Masturbation!

Love or Mutual Masturbation!

5 min read “In India, we have pictured Shiva as Ardhanarishwar: half-man, half-woman.” “That is the only symbol of its type all over...


How do you meditate

What Is Meditation?

< 1 min read Meditation is a state of no-mind.  “Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no content. Ordinarily, your consciousness is...





Osho “Lovers” Hate Osho’s Guidance

6 min read The prime motivation for the protests is that this offers its leaders an opportunity to display their long-standing animosity against the management team. In the past, these same people have invented endless rationalizations to provoke a rent-a-crowd phenomenon.

Sheela's Crimes and Deceptions
Sheela Silverman in her self-appointed role of “Pope." She invented “a religion” based on her complete misunderstanding of Osho’s insights on the poison of organized religion — and then appointed herself its pope.

Sheela’s Crimes and Deceptions – A Documented Summary

4 min read Sheela's documented crimes and deceptions include conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, assassination plots, kidnapping and poisoning.

Making Osho Available Around the World

Making Osho Available Around the World

4 min read “I don't speak to teach something; I speak to create something. These are not lectures. These are simply devices for you to become silent.” Osho’s books are available today wherever there is a bookshop in almost every country in the world, and millions listen to his words every day.


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