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Over population

There Is No Population Problem?

6 min read Unless population growth is reduced drastically, humanity faces a global death, but religious leaders are only interested in the politics of numbers.



The whole of life consists of polar opposites. But those polar opposites are not only polar opposites, they are also complementaries. They are helping each other, they are supporting each other.

The Ultimate Polarity: Meditation and Love

4 min read "This is the ultimate polarity: meditation means the art of being alone, and love means the art of being together.... In meditation you breathe in, in love you breathe out. And with love and meditation together your breath is complete, entire, is whole."



Love or Mutual Masturbation!

Love or Mutual Masturbation!

5 min read “In India, we have pictured Shiva as Ardhanarishwar: half-man, half-woman.” “That is the only symbol of its type all over...


How do you meditate

What Is Meditation?

< 1 min read Meditation is a state of no-mind.  “Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no content. Ordinarily, your consciousness is...




Sheela and her Crimes

Sheela and Her Crimes

8 min read In a new Netflix documentary, produced by film director, Karan Johar, “Searching for Sheela”, the producers are happy to whitewash a criminal who continues to spread lies and fake news. The OSHOTIMES offers here excerpts from of a new book, USA v. OSHO: A Legal History of the US Government Persecution of a Minority Religious Community, Oregon 1981-1986 by Philip Niren Toelkes, that highlights Sheela's criminal activities.

Osho International Meditation Resort

मेडिटेशन रिज़ॉर्ट प्रबंधन टीम का महाराष्ट्र के राज्यपाल को पत्र

5 min read हमें सूचना मिली है कि ओशो के शिष्यों के एक शिष्टमंडल ने ओशो इंटरनेशनल फाउंडेशन, पुणे से संबंधित गतिविधियों के बाबत आपको एक मेमोरैंडम आफ डिमांड प्रस्तुत किया है|


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