Why Are Men So Afraid of Women?

Dear Madam President, a book by Hillary Clinton’s former Communications Director, Jennifer Palmieri, is at the top of the Amazon bestseller list. In it Palmieri argues that all the confusion, admiration, hate, love, acceptance, and rejection experienced by the Clinton campaign presents an opportunity to reimagine what it means...

Love Yourself and Watch

Self-love is one of those things that has been frowned upon as self-indulgence or vanity, a character flaw to be whispered about, discouraged, even corrected, and it’s only relatively recently that it’s come to be accepted as an essential ingredient for mental health. Here Osho speaks about what happens when...

Woman Has Been Repressed Continuously

Women make up just under half the population of the world, yet still they are often treated as little better than goods and services. Here Osho speaks about what man is like without woman. “I did not say that man has nothing to offer. He has much to offer. In...