Paradise Is for the Courageous

We live in a world where we rely increasingly on technology, and its uses, as we know, are myriad. We use technology to communicate, to get about, cook our food, measure our health, and even to time our meditations – where would we be without it? But what about...

Fear of the Future

Fear of the future is a thing. Google the phrase and you get 285,000,000 results. Increasing threats to public safety from terrorism, renewed focus on nuclear capability, and climate change – things made possible by newer and better technologies – can seem like restrictions on our freedom. are we...

A More Human Technology

Looking at news headlines it’s easy to get dispirited over how we are treating our planet. Our use of modern technology has resulted in dire warnings on climate change, the dead garbage of plastic, pollution, and so on. And isn’t it ironic that for increasing numbers of us this...