Osho on Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemberg

Hearing you talk about communism being combined with Zen, Marx combined with Buddha, I had the flash that Rosa Luxemburg would be delighted to hear you.
I have the feeling that this is what she was looking for and could not find or express in her time, but she must have had the longing in her already.
She wrote the following while she was in prison in Breslau, Germany, in 1917.

“Here I am lying, alone, wrapped in these black folds of darkness, boredom, imprisonment, the winter – and at the same time, my heart beats with an unbelievable, unknowable, unknown inner joy….”
“In the darkness of life I’m smiling, as if I know some magic secret that gives the lie to all evil and sadness and changes it into bright light and happiness. I’m looking for a reason for this happiness and I don’t find any, and I have to smile again. I think that the secret is nothing else than life in itself.”

Would you like to comment?

“Maneesha, I have always loved the woman revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg. She is the topmost revolutionary as far as women are concerned. She had the same quality of revolution as Lenin – and she was a woman, so certainly she had a totally different approach to revolution.

It has not to be just of the body, it has also to be of the soul. It has not to be just on the outside of man, in the social structure; it has to be of man in his consciousness also.

“Certainly she was not aware of any meditative rebellion within. That’s why she says, ‘I’m looking for the reason.’ And she thinks she has found the reason in life itself – but that is a very superficial reason.

Without meditation you don’t know the secrets of life, you know only the surface of life.

“Even that much gives you enough joy, but you don’t know the depth, the abysmal depth and the infinite height, immeasurable both. Once you know this vertical dimension of height and depth, life becomes a pure joy, a laughter, a song, a dance, an ecstasy.

“Rosa Luxemburg was in a wrong place. She should have been in the East.

Out of all the revolutionaries in the West, perhaps she was more sensitive and would have learned the Eastern way of getting deeper into life, not just on the surface.

“On the surface life becomes ‘eat, drink, be merry.’ It is superficial, you get bored sooner or later. Unless you reach to the abysmal depth and infinite height, simultaneously, you don’t know what a miracle life is, what a mystery life is.

“But she was in search; she died before she could have found it. But death is not death.

Rosa Luxemburg may be here – if not today, then tomorrow.

“All those who are seeking the depth of life and the secret, the ultimate secret of consciousness, are bound to move – knowingly or unknowingly – towards someone who has already reached the whole.”


Excerpted from Osho, Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind, Talk #7 – My Interest Is in You

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