Whose Planet Is It Anyway?

Whose Planet is it anyway

Young people are starting to rebel against the failure of the older generation to address the catastrophic climate change that is happening now. Is this rebellion the right way to go?

“The world has known only very few rebels, but now is the time. If humanity proves incapable of producing a large number of rebels – a spirit rebellious – then our days on the earth are numbered. Then this century may become our graveyard. We are coming very close to that point.

We have to change our consciousness, create more meditative energy in the world, create more lovingness.

“We have to destroy the old man and his ugliness, his rotten ideologies, his stupid discriminations, idiotic superstitions – and create a new man, with fresh eyes, with new values. A discontinuity with the past: that’s the meaning of rebelliousness.”

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Do young people naturally appreciate that everything is connected, and that whatever we do is either part of the problem or part of the solution?

Everything is interdependent. The smallest blade of grass and the biggest star both are interdependent.

“This is the whole foundation of ecology. Because man has behaved without understanding the reality of interdependence. He has destroyed so much of the organic unity of life. He has been cutting his own hands, his own legs, without knowing.

“Forests have disappeared; millions of trees are being cut every day. Just now scientists are giving warnings – but nobody is ready to listen – that if all trees disappear from the earth, man cannot live. We are in a deep inter-exchange. Man goes on breathing in oxygen, and throwing out carbon dioxide; trees go on inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.

Neither you can exist without the trees, nor can the trees exist without you.

“This is a simple example; otherwise life is interwoven in a thousand and one ways…. Because many trees have disappeared, so much carbon dioxide has gathered in the atmosphere, that it has raised the temperature on the whole earth. To you it may seem insignificant – but it is not insignificant. By the end of this century, this temperature will be enough to melt so much ice that every ocean will rise higher. One degree of temperature more means the ocean rises one foot higher. So the cities which are on the coast of the oceans – and all the great cities are there – will be flooded with water.

If the temperature goes on increasing, as is the possibility, because nobody is listening….

“Trees are being cut, without any understanding, for useless things; for third rate newspapers you need newsprint, and you are destroying life. There is a possibility that if the eternal ice of the Himalayas starts melting, which has never happened in the whole past, then all the oceans will rise twenty feet higher, and will drown almost the whole earth. They will destroy all your cities – Bombay and Calcutta, New York, London, and San Francisco. Perhaps a few primitive people who live high in the mountains may survive….

The stupid politicians are not listening. And if you call them stupid, then you are jailed, you are punished; false allegations are made against you. But I don’t see what else to call them. Stupid seems to be the most gentle and the most cultured word for them. They don’t deserve it; they deserve something worse.”

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If the politicians won’t listen, will ordinary people wake up to the urgency of the situation?

This earth has never been so sick; it has never been so much in danger of new diseases. Now the vested interests are not ready to listen….

“As far as the world of man is concerned, I don’t think there is much chance of converting the masses against their own past. They are creations of the past, and their past will come to its crescendo in the coming crisis. The masses will be drowned in that crisis. I feel sad about it, but the truth has to be said.”

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Does science have a chance to save our planet?

“If one day this planet earth is going to die, it will be because of the great minds of the twentieth century – because if in the whole history of humanity there have been a hundred scientists, ninety-nine happen to be alive in the twentieth century. In fact seventy-five percent of the great scientists of all the ages are alive now.

“Mind has gathered such a great momentum. We have created great technology within the last hundred years, particularly within these last ten years, but that technology is going to destroy this earth.

Who will be responsible? And what will you say? The scientists used the mind or abused it?

“If you ask me, I will say they were not masters of their minds. They neither used nor abused the mind; the mind used them, abused them.

Science now needs great meditators, otherwise this earth is doomed. Science now needs people who can use their minds, who are masters of their being, who can use science in a conscious way.

“Otherwise we are on the verge of committing universal suicide.”

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“We have tried religion and it failed. We have tried politics and it has failed. Now we have to try science. Give it a chance, because in three hundred years it has made more progress than man has made in his whole history of millions of years…

“We have to prepare a new kind of man. Out of that new kind of man – meditative, silent, loving – will be coming scientists.”

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Is there any way to survive this crisis?

“Only a few people in the world will be able to survive after this global suicide, and those will be the people who are deeply rooted in consciousness: alert, aware, loving, and ready to disconnect themselves with the past completely and unconditionally, and ready to begin the New Man and the new humanity with the freshness of a child. I have been enjoying the fact that there are many people in the world who are capable of going deep into themselves. Their only hope is a self-realized being.

“It is too late to do anything to prevent the immense destruction that is going to happen. If we can protect only a few genuine human beings, that will be enough, more than enough.

The past of humanity has been absolutely accidental.

“They have been doing things without knowing their consequences. Now we are suffering the consequences and there is no way to change those consequences.”

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What is your vision of this crisis, and is there a way out? Or only a way in?

“This crisis in a way is good because it is going to force people to choose. Do you want to die or do you want to live a new life?

Die to the past, drop all that has been given as heritage from the past and start fresh, as if you have descended on this earth for the first time.

“And then start working with nature not as an enemy but as a friend, and ecology will soon be functioning again as an organic unity….

“I want it to be known to the whole world: if you are not ready to be one, be ready to disappear from this planet. But I hope there are intelligent people who would like to survive, who would like this beautiful planet to grow more beautiful, this humanity to grow more intelligent. I am afraid perhaps the whole of humanity is not even aware of the danger that is coming closer every moment.…

“Miserable people are dangerous, for the simple reason that they don’t care whether the earth survives or not. They are so miserable that deep down they may feel that it is better if everything is finished. Who cares, if you are living in misery? Only happy people, ecstatic people, dancing people would like this planet to survive forever.

Take all the risks that are needed to be an individual, and accept the challenges so that they can sharpen you, can give you brilliance and intelligence.”

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“You have to create a great atmosphere of love around yourself which will be a protection; you have to learn to dance and to sing. Let these politicians know that this earth is still full of beautiful people – so many songs and so much music and so much creativity and so many people meditating. They are bound to have a second thought.

“On our part, we don’t need bigger nuclear weapons to stop the war – that’s the problem. We need something totally different.

Love will provide the energy; meditation will provide you with tremendous strength.

“And you will not feel so insignificant, you will feel dignified and significant, because your love, your meditation, your blissfulness is going to save the world.”

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