Flow – a Meditator’s Perspective

Flow – a Meditator’s Perspective

This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Karen B.


The meditations with Osho were very timely in my life. I am in the process of healing from breast cancer and these meditations came at a time of need.

Osho has a different perspective on life’s existential questions that seems to cut to the core. I really loved the fact that I could download the meditations so that I could not only hear it but also see it and keep the words for future reference.

Our world is in such dire needs of teachings like these. We all need to be reminded on a regular basis the importance of staying present, being aware and allowing ourselves to flow with the energies of the universe.

Osho’s teachings have awakened my sense of spirit and consciousness. I have felt a shift over the last couple of months after listening to his meditations. He has taught me to lean in to the anger, strife and depression and to let their energies naturally diffuse in order to allow space and love to enter. His teachings are simple but profound.

Unlike other meditations that I have tried, the meditations by Osho had clear directives as to what to do. Clearer awareness is one of the feelings that I have experienced as a result.

I believe that his words have taught me to be gentler with myself and to be more forgiving.

I tend to laugh more easily now and am trying to go with the flow. I appreciate having the meditations from Osho.

Thank you
Karen B.


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