Grateful – a Meditator’s Perspective

Grateful – a Meditator’s Perspective

This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Erin A.

My name is Erin Anshu and I would like to share with you how Osho and his courses in meditation have changed my life!  I am a healer and sometimes the hardest person to heal is yourself!

Before this meditation i was not very grounded, I did other meditations and mindfulness practices, and they helped, but only a little.  I was angry with myself and angry with society in general.  I did not feel connected to Source and I did not love myself in a true way.  I was struggling daily with triggers and had a hard time being compassionate with myself, in all ways.  My self-talk was riddled with doubt, insecurities and fear.  I felt as if loving myself and peace with myself were goals akin to my personally traveling into space!

Then I opened my inbox one morning and there was my first day of meditation from Osho’s free 21-day course.  At first, thoughts of doubt crept in and tried to whisper in my ear that this wouldn’t work, you couldn’t sit still for this long and all other negating factors my ego felt like sharing! I kindly told those thoughts to take a hike, and began my first meditation.

I was so surprised at how comfortable I felt and how all day after; those whispers of doubt had drifted into static!! What a relief, a sweet deliverance of sorts.  I repeated the meditation before bed and awoke with a passion to learn more, to feel more, and a faith that maybe this meditation series might be the breakthrough I was searching for.   With each passing day, and new meditation, my doubts started to melt away, my love for myself started to return, my compassion for myself and in turn others rebounded!

I am now able to appreciate all things in life! Even the things that used to bring so much pain and grief, now were illuminated and shown to be my greatest gift, in my continued evolution as a spiritual being!  I was able to view myself and the world without judgment, radiating unconditional love through myself and onto others! I now look for beauty in everything and have such an easier time surrendering and letting go, so the universe may flow!

My gratefulness has no limit, Miracles do happen every single day! With Osho’s help I am able to live such a peaceful, happier, more meaningful life.  My relationships have blossomed, especially the one with myself, and I see me as the beautiful being that is here to experience and blossom and not wither because of any one experience, but shine brighter through all lessons! By the 21st day I was a transformed woman!

Allowing the world to do its thing, remembering that my essence is ever changing, and I can Always Love Me!!!!


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