Openness – a Meditator’s Perspective

Openness – a Meditator’s Perspective

This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Sissely.

I am an artist and art teacher. I am always looking for inner peace.

I´ve been meditating for years now till I found Osho: A Course in Meditation. Which had been an awesome way to open to myself, to get to my Self.

I decided not to write anything-just trust in my in-tuition for going step by step into the 21 days experience. I was waiting for the moment to hear the exercise, to practice, to go into the new experience with all my senses and mind and being. I trust my IN-tuition a 100 percent now, I let myself go with it.

Furthermore, I am always me and the watcher: everything I do I try to transform myself in the very act, in the sound, in the taste. Not just to feel, which I was already experimenting, but to BE THE TASTE. I am the watcher and the act of watching and the watched object.

It´s like a new Universe is unfolding for me. The whole existence is actually unfolding its miracle just for me: I am the center, the heart, the initial Big Bang as well as the border, the limit, the final whisper.

All my love to OSHO for opening that giant door.

– Sissely.


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