The Whole – a Meditator’s Perspective

The Whole – a Meditator’s Perspective

This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Anand K.

The ”21 day’s workout for your consciousness” was definitely a very well researched and equally well presented course forming a rock-solid foundation for “new” meditators’ and a gymnasium of sorts for the “old timers” to flex their consciousness.

It on one hand acts as an incredible introduction to OSHO and on the other hand comprehensively covers the OSHO meditation essentials.

The miracle moment for me was the course with the OSHO guided meditation: “Look at an Object as a Whole.” It was a reminder of OSHO’s teachings that life needs to be lived in all its gamut of expressions and how to achieve the knack of seeing things as one whole rather than in fragmentations and getting disturbed and perturbed by their fragmentations.

The value one receives from this OSHO insight is that all is one universal whole and all is connected helps dissolve the daily tension and grind of working and wasting time on daily irritating nuances of small life problems and helps one relax into one’s center.

A commendable and applaud able work by OSHO International Foundation

Much Love and Congrats
Anand K.


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