Watching the Mind – a Meditator’s Perspective

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This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Angela A.

Dear OSHO blog reader!

I am Angela. I am born in Bulgaria. I am a social scientist. My main working tools are my mind; my instincts and my intuition.

I earn my bread by communicating with a lot of people; collecting tones of data; and processing for a shortest possible time all the information gathered. Sometimes my mind is powered so intensely that I could not stop thinking and thinking and thinking. I tend recurrently to go back and to think over negative memories and images from my daily encounters.

Sensitivity helps me a lot in my work with people. But being too sensitive makes me susceptible to distress. I found “Osho A Course in Mediation” just on time.

August 2014 was the most stressful period of my entire life. Osho’s powerful presence and wisdom made me calm and complete! “Osho A Course in Mediation” improved my resilience and stress endurance. I savored to the utmost the taste of Osho’s STOP exercise – enjoy watching the mind. You would understand me better if you try this small part of Osho’s watching the mind meditation.

“Don’t try to stop your thinking. It is a very natural part of you; you will go crazy if you try to stop it. It will be like a tree trying to stop its leaves; the tree will go mad. And just not stopping it will not be enough; the second step is to enjoy it, to play with it! Playing with it, enjoying it, welcoming it, you will start becoming more alert about it, more aware of it, without any effort, very indirectly. When you are trying to become aware, then the mind distracts you and you become angry with it – and again the conflict and friction start that strengthen the mind. Go on easily, take it easy. And now, for a moment: if you are not already standing, stand up… and STOP! Stop completely, no movement – and just be present to whatever is happening. Very good – that gave you a taste of Osho’s STOP exercise.

Dear OSHO blog reader, enjoy watching the mind, and please, use the program – “Osho A Course in Mediation”! Mentors channel team – blessed be!

Angela A.


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