Emails between Anando and the OSHO Presidium

From: Garimo <                                 >
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2019 1:30 AM
To: ‘anando anando’ <                                               >
Subject: RE: your proposed Full Circle book

Hi Anando,
Thanks for your note, I’ll look forward to hearing from you after the end of August, once you are back home.

Australia does have some great expressions, I had to consult the urban dictionary for that “knickers” reference!


From: anando anando <                                                     >
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2019 5:03 PM
To: Garimo <                                 >
Subject: Re: your proposed Full Circle book

Hi Garimo,
Thanks for the feedback. I just scanned it as I am super busy traveling, working and retreat-ing right now, but will read it properly when I am home again towards the end of August.
Anyway, it certainly got me thinking I need to have another look at my book, which had already changed quite a bit, by the way, from the early version you saw…
Meanwhile, keep your knickers on, as we say in Australia…

From: Garimo <                                 >
Sent: Tuesday, May 7, 2019 13:04
To:                                                      ‘anando’
Subject: your proposed Full Circle book

Hi Anando,
I’m following up on the e-mails Devendra wrote to you on 26th April and 3rd May, in which he suggests you and I could discuss your manuscript OSHO: Intimate Glimpses from His Last Secretary, Anando – with me functioning as your contact person from OIF re the IP and content issues that at present make it impossible for OIF to give the required permissions.
Devendra tells me he has not heard back from you. We’re not sure if you have been busy traveling or what might be the reason. I had thought that we could start out by talking together, but as Devendra has received no reply, I will now send you an outline of some of the issues that are of major importance to OIF – and repeat that I am available to discuss them with you when and if you would like to respond to that invitation.

And even if you find it impossible to communicate with me/us about this from your side, OIF does need to let you know of our concerns about the content of this manuscript:

In brief, we feel this book, titled “OSHO,” is not good for Osho, for his work, or even for you, Anando, and we could never support its publication in its present form.

Our essential issue is that the book is written in such a way that it misleads the reader into assuming that Anando was with Osho “day and night,” “right up to the very end.” The book specifically says, “She had daily personal access to him in the last four years of his life.” And, “Osho experimented with several secretaries and caretakers at once. In the end, however, he combined both roles in one, Anando.”
This is simply not factual concerning the caretakers. Nirvano was the caretaker for years, Shunyo for 18 months, then Avirbhava for about three weeks, and then Amrito for the last four months through to January 19th, 1990.

In addition, Jayesh was in all the secretary meetings when he was in Pune, usually about four times a week throughout all the time Osho had those meetings.

Based on the way this is presented in the manuscript, the reader will naturally assume that your comments about Osho’s work, about the IC that he created and the functioning of the people in it, must be an authoritative account which can be relied on to be true.
Because of Neelam’s ongoing mischief and disinformation, including being called to Osho’s room in the nights for guidance and spending the night of January 18th as well, we have very thoroughly examined those last months of Osho in the body and spent the time required to ensure our information is very precise.

This includes the time Osho asked you and Shunyo to leave the campus during his dental sessions, then named two of his extracted teeth “Anando” and “Neelam,” and then asked you to leave your rooms in Lao Tzu House on September 12th, 1989.

It is very clear that from then on everything changed. From that day on, and until he left the body, Osho only took liquid food, there were no mealtime meetings on the balcony, and Amrito replaced Avirbhava and Shunyo as the caretaker. Amrito delivered all Osho’s food, put Osho’s laundry away in the cupboards, and put Osho to bed twice a day. And, from the day Shunyo passed on the keys to Osho’s room through to January 19th, Amrito spent every night sleeping on the far side of Osho’s bed.

Till mid-November 1989, Shunyo accompanied Osho to the Evening Meeting, brought him back afterward, and then called Amrito to put Osho to bed. When Shunyo got sick you, Anando, replaced her for taking Osho to and from the Evening Meeting.

No one else was in Osho’s room during any night at that time, and certainly not on the 18th January as your book claims. Nor did you “hand over to Amrito at 11am” on January 19th. In fact, Jayesh was already with Amrito and Osho by 8.30am on the 19th and by 9.30am Dr. Gokani was already being sought because Osho had made it clear that further medical intervention was not needed and that “existence has its timing.”

In Shunyo’s book, Diamond Days with Osho, she wrote that Anando and Amrito were in Osho’s room through the night of January 18th. When she was asked about this, she said she wouldn’t have known who was in Osho’s room but that her source was that you told her this on January 20th in the laundry room.

Misrepresentations of facts may be just due to memory issues, this was a long time ago – but the implications here are very significant because the reader then feels they can rely on equally incorrect and misleading statements in the book related to Osho’s work in general, and the functioning of the IC in particular.

In our view your book reflects a complete mischaracterization of how Osho arranged for the continuity and expansion of his work, ignoring the fact that this was done through Jayesh, not Anando.

The creation of the IC, its precise functioning, and the final decisions concerning its membership, was between Osho and Jayesh and not you.
In the book you review the names of the original IC members, implying you knew why Osho selected each individual. How is this possible? Osho compared his list with the list he asked Jayesh to create and then Osho gave Jayesh his understandings for his (Osho’s) selection. That only happened with Osho and Jayesh in the room alone. Osho shared with Jayesh that because you knew that the membership invitations were happening, you would often make suggestions to Osho of who you thought should be included. Osho would share those with Jayesh in their next meeting. You may remember that none of your suggestions for membership were accepted.

You do remember correctly the commitment to secrecy, and you explain it correctly, but then you totally flout that commitment “off the record.”
You were not involved in the arrangements for Osho’s international work via the Presidium.

You have no information about the Will, at Osho’s specific request.

You were not involved in any of the practicalities of fulfilling Osho’s long list of projects for the expansion of the Pune campus.

We also do want to remind you that you confided in a number of people, including myself, about your discontent about the IC and your real reasons for leaving it, which puts a very different light on the public statements in your current manuscript.

No need to go into more details at this point – but we want you to understand why we cannot allow this manuscript to be published in its present form and would respond forcefully to any attempt to have it published illegally.

We find it difficult to understand who this book is for. You know well Osho’s insights about books people write purporting to be about Osho and in fact are always about themselves. There are so many similar examples in the world of sannyas. It seems such an old model.

On the other hand, the books which Osho actually did ask you to compile and shape, the Philosia of Existence and the Notes Written on My Heart, OIF would be happy to help see published. I wrote to you about the Philosia shortly after Netflix’s “Wild, Wild Country” came out, and received no reply from you at that time either.

In the Preface to this current book is mentioned that after forgetting about these interviews for 10 years, the materials were viewed “from a new perspective” and that you all decided that now was the right time to share these stories. What “new perspective,” we wonder.

As mentioned at the beginning, this manuscript as it is will be of no value to Osho, to his work, or to you. If OIF needs to publicly deal with this, the resulting bad publicity for you would not only tarnish your reputation in the world of sannyas, but could also alert the authorities in China of your close association to Osho’s work. You may have already heard that they are aggressively blocking everything connected to Osho: the largest Osho WeChat site with some 200,000 users was recently closed by the government and wiped clean. This cannot be in your interest.

Please have another look at whether you and I could talk about this directly. It may be the best way toward a friendly resolution, toward a potential shared understanding, and maybe toward a way forward for the books Osho actually did ask you to do.


From: Devendra Dewal <                                                    >
Subject: Fw: Proposal to Full Circle for your book.
Date: 3 May 2019 at 11:07:57 BST
To: “anando” <                                                 >,<                                                    >

Hi Anando,
This Devendra- writing you from e-mail which is for my personal use.

I wrote you an e-mail on 26thApril about your book proposal to Full Circle Publishing House, Delhi. And didn’t receive any response from you.
Forwarding you the previous e-mail from this e-mail address, as sometimes there have been issues that messages from my work e-mail have gone to the Junk Folder of the receiver.

Would be great to have your response or an acknowledgement that you received this e-mail


From: Devendra Bharti <                                                    >
Date: Friday, 26 April 2019 at 9:10 AM
To: Anando <                                                                 >
Cc: <                                                          >
Subject: Proposal to Full Circle for your book.

Hi Anando,
A proposal request to publish your book was received by Full Circle recently and the publishers who are our licensees will always connect with us if a book is related to Osho. In usual procedure Full Circle connected us for permission from OIF for this book.

From our team when looked – and you are well aware that using OSHO and OSHO Content need permission and a right copyright acknowledgement. In addition had some concern on the content of the book. And in the current form OIF cannot support the publishing of the book.

I had met Shekhar on my visit to Delhi for some other assignment. At that time, it was clear that it could be easier for him- if we communicate directly between ourselves and an agreed proposal had gone to Full Circle.

Our thinking today is that it could be best if you and Garimo could work together directly for arriving at a shared understanding.
If connecting with Garimo is okay and agreeable to you – I can ask Garimo to be in touch with you. Please let me know.

Would love to hear your response.




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