Catastrophe Chronicle

Catastrophe Chronicle

“We are on the deathbed. Humanity cannot survive – the way it has been behaving with nature – for more than fifty years, sixty years, or, at the most, one hundred years, which is nothing. If the Third World War does not happen, then we will be committing a slow suicide. Within a hundred years, we will be gone. Not even a trace will be left.”1 Osho

See also: Osho, “Religion: The Crimes Against Nature and the Environment”

It is becoming increasingly clear that humanity just doesn’t have the consciousness to prevent the inexorable destruction of the only home it has.

Perhaps more fundamentally, this humanity – which is trashing out the land, the oceans, the atmosphere, and the space beyond the atmosphere – is simply being really trashy. We endlessly look outwards for solutions and almost no one is making it clear that unless we fix our trashiness, nothing can fundamentally change. Without this fundamental change in our trashy approach to the world around us, every “solution” we come up with will be deeply compromised by our trashiness!

While waiting for this obvious point to sink in, followed by a clear understanding of how to undo our trashiness, the OSHO Times can only chronicle the inevitable resultant degeneration of Planet Earth, “and all who sail in her!”

Carbon Dioxide Levels in the Atmosphere

Levels of the greenhouse gas have not been as high as today for 3-5m years, when the global temperature was 2-3C warmer and the sea level was 10-20 metres higher.
The C02 clock is ticking here:

The Human Population

The population clock is ticking here:

The Emissions Gap Report 2019

A simple graphical expression of the gap between where we are going and where we need to go to avoid the coming catastrophe. The UN Report: “Emissions Gap Report 2019: 1.5ºC goal at brink of impossible”:

The Unfolding Story:

January 15th, 2020
Climate crisis: Top five global risks all linked to environment, says World Economic Forum
“Extreme weather events, major biodiversity loss and a failure to halt global warming are biggest threats identified by hundreds of experts:
1. Extreme weather events with major damage to property, infrastructure and loss of human life
2. Failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation by governments and businesses
3. Human-made environmental damage and disasters, including environmental crime, such as oil spills, and radioactive contamination
4. Major biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse (terrestrial or marine) with irreversible consequences for the environment, resulting in severely depleted resources for humankind as well as industries
5. Major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and geomagnetic storms”

January 13, 2020
“The world’s oceans are now heating at the same rate as if five Hiroshima atomic bombs were dropped into the water every second, scientists have said.”

January 13, 2020
The Age of Extinction. ‘Like a bomb going off’: why Brazil’s largest reserve is facing destruction
“Gold prospectors are ravaging the Yanomami indigenous reserve. So why does President Bolsonaro want to make them legal?”

January 11, 2020
Want to Do Something About Climate Change? Follow the Money
Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Bank of America are the worst offenders.
In the last three years, according to data compiled in a recently released “fossil fuel finance report card” by a group of environmental organizations, JPMorgan Chase lent over $195 billion to gas and oil companies… Wells Fargo lent over $151 billion, Citibank lent over $129 billion and Bank of America lent over $106 billion.

January 1, 2020
Climate change in the 2010s: Decade of fires, floods and scorching heatwaves (with very powerful graphics):

January 1, 2020
The 2010s were a lost decade for climate. We can’t afford a repeat, scientists warn.

December 27, 2019
On land, Australia’s rising heat is ‘apocalyptic.’ In the ocean, it’s worse.
“A Sydney Morning Herald headline described conditions in Australia’s most iconic city as “apocalyptic,” as residents choked in a smoky haze from bush fires. A coalition of doctors and climate researchers declared it a public health emergency.”

December 27, 2019
Revealed: microplastic pollution is raining down on city dwellers
“Exclusive: London has highest level yet recorded but health impacts of breathing particles are unknown.”

December 24, 2019
Our pathetically slow shift to clean energy, in five charts

December 21, 2019
95 Environmental Rules Being Rolled Back Under Trump
“President Trump has made eliminating federal regulations a priority. His administration, with help from Republicans in Congress, has often targeted environmental rules it sees as burdensome to the fossil fuel industry and other big businesses.”

December 21, 2019
Top scientists warn of an Amazon ‘tipping point’
“The world’s largest rainforest is ‘teetering on the edge of functional destruction,’ experts say.”

The Atlantic, Jan-Feb Issue, 2020
History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin
It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable.
“We’re about to make one of the biggest transformations that humans have ever made to the surface of the planet. We’re going to strip-mine a massive habitat, and once it’s gone, it isn’t coming back.”

December 20, 2019
Scientists fear surge in supersized bushfires that create their own violent thunderstorms. Pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCB) storms are feared due to the violent and unpredictable conditions they create on the ground.
“New South Wales and Queensland fires: South Australia also faces catastrophic bushfires risk…. Embers still hot enough to start new fires can be shot out of a pyroCB at distances of 30km from the main fire.”

December 16, 2019
“Profound disconnect between people and politicians”: Major decisions deferred as marathon Madrid climate summit grinds to a close.
“Analysis: After a marathon 48 hours of talks, climate conference ends with little progress made on crucial issues.”

December 16th, 2019
California coastal waters rising in acidity at alarming rate, study finds
“Waters off the California coast are acidifying twice as fast as the global average, scientists found, threatening major fisheries and sounding the alarm that the ocean can absorb only so much more of the world’s carbon emissions.”

December 10, 2019
The Arctic may have crossed key threshold, emitting billions of tons of carbon into the air, in a long-dreaded climate feedback
A new federal report on the Arctic finds the region is in the midst of drastic and sudden changes as a result of human-caused warming.
“…the Arctic already may have become a net emitter of planet-warming carbon emissions due to thawing permafrost, which would only accelerate global warming…. Almost twice the amount of greenhouse gases as what is contained in the atmosphere could be released as the permafrost melts.”

December. 10, 2019
Greenland’s ice losses have septupled and are now in line with its highest sea-level scenario, scientists say.
That’s according to 26 separate satellite measurements and 89 scientists who have produced them.
“The Greenland ice sheet’s losses have accelerated so fast since the 1990s it is now shedding more than seven times as much ice each year, according to 89 scientists who use satellites to study the area.”–alert-national&wpmk=1

December 9th, 2019
Last remaining glaciers in the Pacific will soon melt away
Researchers believe other mountaintop glaciers will follow quickly

December 4, 2019
Climate change is forcing one person from their home every two seconds, Oxfam says
“Climate-fueled disasters have forced about 20 million people a year to leave their homes in the past decade.”

December 2, 2019
See How the World’s Most Polluted Air Compares With Your City’s
We visualized the damaging, tiny particles that wreak havoc on human health. From the Bay Area to New Delhi….
“Outdoor particulate pollution was responsible for an estimated 4.2 million deaths worldwide in 2015, with a majority concentrated in east and south Asia…. In the United States, which has some of the cleanest air in the world, fine particulate matter still contributed to 88,000 premature deaths in 2015— making this pollution more deadly than both diabetes and the flu. And pollution in America has worsened since 2016, reversing years of decline.”

November 29, 2019
“In a break with the global trend, China added 25.5 gigawatts to its coal capacity last year. And it’s due to ramp that up….”

November 26, 2019
UN Calls Global Climate Outlook “Bleak”
“The world has refused to slash its collective greenhouse gas emissions, narrowing the planet’s pathway back to a safe climate….”

November 14th, 2019
The Water Crisis In Cities Everywhere Is Worsening Already Terrible Inequality
While the rich can drill wells and keep swimming pools filled, poorer residents line up for water and struggle to survive.

November 13, 2019
The Lancet: Climate change and health
In summary: Act now and save millions of people from avoidable death and disease. “A robust response to climate change could yield more than $26 trillion and 65 million new low-carbon jobs by 2030 compared with a business as usual scenario.”

November 12, 2019
It May Have Just Gotten A Lot Easier To Sue Exxon And Shell For Climate Change Devastation
A new investigation provides the most “robust” evidence yet connecting fossil fuel companies to climate-related human rights violations, legal experts say.

November 5, 2019
Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say

More than 11,000 experts sign an emergency

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