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Sheela's Crimes and Deceptions
Sheela Silverman in her self-appointed role of “Pope." She invented “a religion” based on her complete misunderstanding of Osho’s insights on the poison of organized religion — and then appointed herself its pope.

Sheela’s Crimes and Deceptions – A Documented Summary

4 min read Sheela's documented crimes and deceptions include conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, assassination plots, kidnapping and poisoning.

Catastrophe Chronicle

Catastrophe Chronicle

9 min read “We are on the deathbed. Humanity cannot survive – the way it has been behaving with nature – for more than fifty years, sixty years, or, at the most, one hundred years, which is nothing. If the Third World War does not happen, then we will be committing a slow suicide. Within a hundred years,...

Over population

There Is No Population Problem?

6 min read Unless population growth is reduced drastically, humanity faces a global death, but religious leaders are only interested in the politics of numbers.

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