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Sannyas is not so cheap

Bombay High Court Agrees with Foundation:

The April 25th clarification clearly states that visits to the Osho International Meditation Resort and Osho’s bedroom are only possible “in accordance with the rules, conventions and traditions” of the meditation resort.


Osho “Lovers” Hate Osho’s Guidance

The prime motivation for the protests is that this offers its leaders an opportunity to display their long-standing animosity against the management team. In the past, these same people have invented endless rationalizations to provoke a rent-a-crowd phenomenon.

Sheela's Crimes and Deceptions
Sheela Silverman in her self-appointed role of “Pope." She invented “a religion” based on her complete misunderstanding of Osho’s insights on the poison of organized religion — and then appointed herself its pope.

Sheela’s Crimes and Deceptions – A Documented Summary

Sheela's documented crimes and deceptions include conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, assassination plots, kidnapping and poisoning.

Catastrophe Chronicle

Catastrophe Chronicle

“We are on the deathbed. Humanity cannot survive – the way it has been behaving with nature – for more than fifty years, sixty years, or, at the most, one hundred years, which is nothing. If the Third World War does not happen, then we will be committing a slow suicide. Within a hundred years,...

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