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Thought birth control

Thought Birth Control

9 min read Thoughts are not the problem, the birth of thoughts is the problem. How they are born is the question. If we can stop their coming into being, if we can exercise thought birth control, then the thoughts that have already been born will disappear in a moment.

Unpacking Racism

Unpacking Racism – And Throwing Away the Suitcase

12 min read “They would not like everybody to be centered in himself because a man centered in himself cannot be exploited, cannot be enslaved, cannot be humiliated, cannot be forced to grow a cancerous sense of guilt. These are the reasons humanity has not been allowed its growth.”

The Absurdity of Hope
Quint Buchholz: Giacomond, 1984 Wikimedia

The Absurdity of Hope

7 min read "Live herenow! Living in hope is living in the future, which is really postponing life. It is not a way of living but a way of suicide."

Meditation makes you whole

Is Meditation Enough?

5 min read "Meditation heals, makes you whole; and to be whole is to be holy. Holiness has nothing to do with belonging to any religion, belonging to any church. It simply means that inside you, you are entire, complete."

We are the problem giant step

We Are the Problem

6 min read "It is man himself who lies at the root of all the catastrophes, but the trouble is, it goes against man's ego to accept it." Osho

Society is One Big Conspiracy Theory

Society Is One Big Conspiracy Theory

13 min read Every society tells itself fairy tales. About its history, its origins, its great leaders, its glorious past…. Noam Chomsky calls them, “necessary illusions” as he describes them in Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies. Or we can call them “approved conspiracy theories” – or just lies.

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