There Is No Population Problem?

Over population

You have been warning about the dangers of overpopulation for decades. No one listens, and here we are — now there are eight billion of us!

“By the end of this century there is not going to be elbow room – on each side you will find somebody standing. What are your governments doing and what are your churches doing?”

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“The population is growing, the starvation is growing, sicknesses like AIDS are spreading, the nuclear weapons are piling up. It is enough for any man of intelligence to understand that we are very close to a global death. Some way or other this beautiful earth is going to be destroyed, unless something very drastic is done….

“Politicians go on giving hope and nothing materializes.

One thing has to be understood clearly: no hope is going to help; no false explanation is going to help. You have to put aside all this crap and see into reality as it is.

“The reality is that this earth cannot tolerate so great a population; the population has to become almost half the size that it is now. But the way it is moving, it will be doubled by the end of this century. Misery will also be doubled.

“I would like the population to be half of what it is – but for that you need intelligence, understanding. You have to understand that children are not sent by God. There is no God who is sending children….

“This has nothing to do with God, this is simple biology. People have to be told to understand biology and to use all the methods which are available to reduce the population completely to half of what it is.”

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“One billion people can live on this earth in a dance, in ecstasy…. Out of sheer overpopulation – no nuclear weapons are needed – humanity can commit suicide.”

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Wouldn’t the vast numbers of people who live in poverty today be enough to alert us to the need for birth control?

“Ninety-nine percent of the people on the earth have been poor. And these people, Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed, have no idea how to destroy this poverty. Only science is capable of destroying it, and only a scientific mind can manage to make the earth rich, and can make it a blessing. But the unscientific religious mind goes on interfering.

“The pope is continually interfering. He will not allow birth control; it is a sin – sin against God. And what kind of God is this who can’t see that the earth is overburdened with the population? People are starving and dying and he goes on sending people. He should send with each person a small piece of earth and other things too – just naked he sends them. And the pope is there, the shankaracharya is there, Jaina monks are there, Mohammedan imams are there – all against birth control, because it is against God.

“Now these are the people… if some day this whole earth dies out of this explosion of population, then these people will be responsible for it. They are against abortion. Now, without birth control, without abortion, there is no possibility for this earth to be rich. And all these religions go on praising poverty. When you praise poverty, how are you going to destroy it? When you respect and praise poverty, of course you are going to protect it. It is something respectable – they don’t condemn it. They can’t condemn it, because they are living off it, exploiting it.

Now Mother Teresa… where will she be, and who is going to give a Nobel prize to a Mother Teresa if there are not orphans dying in the streets?

‘Those orphans are needed for a Mother Teresa to be. Those orphans are absolutely needed, otherwise the Nobel prize will be missed by Mother Teresa. So she is against abortion, against birth control. Let orphans come; let them come more and more – because these are the people who are being turned into Christians.”

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“In thirty years the Soviet Union will have taken every single tree out of Nepal. Then comes a great danger: if the eternal ice of the Himalayas starts melting….

“If the Himalayas melt, all the oceans around the world will rise by up to forty feet. Bombay will be drowned, New York will be drowned; they will all become ocean. Cars will not be of any help – boats. You cannot survive if all the oceans rise forty feet higher – and you will call it a ‘natural’ catastrophe…?

I don’t call it a natural catastrophe. I call it a man-manufactured catastrophe.

“The religious leaders have not been doing anything to prevent all these catastrophes. The population goes on growing; lands become poorer and poorer because they have been cultivated for thousands of years and they have not been nourished….

“We have disturbed the whole ecology of the earth.

“Who is responsible?

“Certainly religious people, who should have warned humanity not to increase the population… but they all are in favor of more population.”

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Are there other reasons the religions are so against birth control?

You have to understand the politics of numbers.

‘Why do Mohammedans go on insisting that they will continue to marry at least four women? Although they cannot rationally support their idea, the question of reason does not arise. They say their holy book says, the holy Koran says you can have four wives, or even more – Mohammed himself had nine wives. So it is not a question of argument or discussion. You are interfering in their religion – it is a question of religion….

To have one husband and many wives is political – it has nothing to do with religion….

“I have to criticize religions which are obstructing human progress, in many ways. Right now all the Christian priests, Hindu priests, Mohammedan priests all around the world are doing one thing: teaching poor people against birth control, because it is overpopulation that is going to give them numbers. And it is overpopulation that is going to keep half of the earth poor, starving – and the poor and the starving are easily vulnerable to being converted. You just give them education, food, a house to live in and you have brought gifts from God – they will be Christians.

“Poverty should continue; otherwise who is going to be in the churches, who is going to be converted?

“Religions are concerned with creating more children because more children mean more power – power in two ways: more votes, and more fodder for your cannons in war.”

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“And it has to be remembered that birth control and abortion have given women equality, the same status as men; otherwise the woman can never be equal to man. In poor countries she is continually giving birth, a child every year. She is always pregnant. She cannot work, she cannot be financially independent. She cannot get as educated as man, she cannot be in politics; she has to take care of the children.

“Birth control methods, abortion – these have made possibilities for women to be equal to men; otherwise all talk about equality is bogus, false, pseudo….

“Not a single woman has been accepted as pope in these two thousand years.

Not a single woman has been accepted as a Christ, a buddha, a prophet – no. If a woman manages somehow to get into religious matters she is called a witch….

“These popes have been declaring women witches – not only declaring, they have been burning women alive, thousands of women. During the whole Middle Ages they were burning witches.”

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What is your suggestion to avoid this pending catastrophe?

“For twenty to thirty years absolute birth control should be practiced. It is not a question of democracy, because it is a choice between life and death. If the whole world is going to die, what are you going to do with your democracy? Democracy will be the rule then – for the graves, of the graves, by the graves – because people will have disappeared.

Religions carry superstitions of all kinds which are hindering your intelligence, your vision, your possibility of creating a new man in the world.

“One thing is certain – the old humanity is going to die. If we can make the people of the world understand, then a new kind of man can survive.

“He will be a citizen of the world – no nations.

“He will be religious – but no religion.

“He will be scientific – but not destructive; his whole science will be devoted to creation.

“He will be pious, compassionate, loving – but not celibate; that is a kind of lunacy. A celibate is a lunatic….

“A new man without any burden of the past, more meditative, more silent, more loving… all the universities, rather than wasting their time on superficial subjects, should devote time to creating more consciousness in man.”

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Just a little intelligence is needed – which will be released by meditation – and we can have a beautiful earth with beautiful people, and a multidimensional freedom which is not just a word in the dead constitution books but a living reality.”

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