Impressions: A Meditation of Love & Relating

Impressions: A Meditation of Love & Relating

I want to share with you my impression about a meditation that I experienced at the Osho Meditation Resort. The guided meditation, lead by a facilitator in a course, was about love and relating.

This meditation comes at an appropriate time as I am in the midst of turmoil with my beloved. We have been together for two months and I am struggling with this whole idea of relationship and relating. I would be lying if I said I am not attracted to the idea of a relationship. But as Osho mentioned its all because of security and known.

Deep down its like I want to have a guarantee that someone will be there. The interesting thing is that very early into this so-called relationship, I felt I was already being taken for granted. It only took 1.5 months and all the signs were there. Feeling of possessing each other, not giving each other freedom, expectations.

Osho reminded me love is a commitment given from the heart, there is no need for other sorts of agreements and contracts. Love needs freedom to grow, wings to fly; otherwise it will die.

The part of the meditation where we had to fall in love with ourselves was beautiful. My heart felt so warm and nourished, was smiling and wanted to jump for joy out of my chest. What better person to give us love other than the closest one to us; ourselves. That’s when the love we feel will be an overflow, not a need for other to fill that void.

There was a second part to the meditation; practicing mixing energies with our lover or a friend. It sounded blissful. I just imagined him and I practicing it together, closed eyes, holding hands, swaying. Really looking forward to trying it out. 

This is a guest post by Vivek Vida

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