Learning in the Gap

Learning in the Gap

The rational mind is trained to divide everything into to separate parts and live in perpetual denial of the opposite. But by denying the whole we divide our energy and live in anxiety and tension.

One of the major contributions of Osho to the rational mind is bridging the gap between two seemingly opposites — like love and hate, the outer and the inner and so on. One major division that tears us apart is work and relaxation. It appears to be a contradiction but is not, for they are complimentary to each other. Life flows through these opposites.

Osho has created a program called work as meditation or WAM for us workers. The concept is that we can transform day to day work into a creative growth opportunity so that the work does not become a burden or a boredom but a meditative experience.

How is it possible? It is possible because we live at two levels: the level of doing and the level of being; the circumference and the center. You can go on working on the circumference but put your attention at the center also. Which means watching what you are doing.

Usually we forget ourselves when we are working and that’s why we get stressed and tired. Our source of joy is within so if we are to access it we can keep enjoying everything we do. We will get many creative insights working with this understanding.

Osho describes a meditation technique in The Book of Secrets that “When in worldly activity, keep attention between two breaths, and so practicing, in a few days, be born anew.”

It was exciting to do our regular work and play with this meditation at the same time. For instance, if someone is typesetting on the computer he can stop, feel the gap between his breaths and start working again. If you are walking to get your cup of tea, notice the gap between your steps. This tiny spark of awareness will connect you to your being.

People were playing with their energy like kids. While talking to each other they would suddenly stop for a second, feel the gap and then continue. While eating they would pause for a moment, watch their food and started eating again. These gaps are sources of creative insights which are so valuable in today’s business world. This is the source of intuition, original ideas, intelligence. You can learn these soft skills in doing an ordinary job.

One would ask, does this kind of play distract people from their work? Quite the contrary. It is like a shot in the arm, they become more enthusiastic about their work. These moments of awareness comprise the ‘Aha! experience’ which always occurs in the gap.

The brain is tired by rational analytical thinking, so if it gets a moment’s rest and the mind has a chance to plunge into the unconscious, which is the source of creativity, it brings up the dormant creative energy which is highly refreshing.

Osho points out one more benefit of this technique: If this method is practiced, your whole life will become a long drama. You will be like an actor playing different roles, but remain constantly centered in the gap. You will not be identified with your role. It is a great liberation.

By Amrit Sadhana

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