Meditate Every Day – It Really Makes a Difference!

Meditate Every Day – It Really Makes a Difference!

Regular meditation does make a difference, especially in this digital age.

In a recent article for the New York Times entitled ‘You Should Meditate Every Day,’ Opinion Columnist Farhad Manjoo, a technology journalist for nearly 20 years and a tech devotee even longer, says it’s the best way he’s found to keep digital monsters at bay.

He talks about how making meditation part of his morning routine and making himself stick with it made all the difference, so that eventually something clicked, the benefits became noticeable, and then remarkable.

So why hasn’t everyone started meditating already?

Osho talks about making meditation a regular thing.

“Make it a regular thing. Even if you cannot do anything, just sit silently. Just to give specific time, deliberately, to meditation is enough… just the very idea that for one hour you will be sitting for meditation, and then you sit. Even if you don’t do anything, you simply sit under a tree or in your room, slowly, slowly that one hour becomes the most precious time.

You start waiting for it. You look forward to it. Slowly, slowly something starts settling in you; that one hour becomes sacred. And you can see the difference between your other twenty-three hours and that one hour.

“It is like a diamond in a heap of pebbles: it shines, it has a grandeur of its own. And that one hour finally becomes the only time saved. All else has gone down the drain. One day one understands that those were the only moments that one lived.

“When the German poet, Goethe, was dying, somebody said ‘In your long life you must have enjoyed many beautiful moments.’ He was a man of great caliber, one of the greatest geniuses of the world, and multi-dimensional. But the question made him very sad. He said ‘If I count then it can’t come to more than two weeks in my whole life. But those are the only two weeks that I have really lived – a few moments far and few between; those were the real moments. I have lived only two weeks, the rest has been just a wastage.’ If Goethe said that, what about an ordinary man? – not even two weeks.

But if one meditates, one simply sits for meditation, one keeps that one hour sacred and separate, slowly, slowly that one hour becomes a window: it starts giving you glimpses of the beyond.

“In that one hour you become open to something unknown, mysterious. You start feeling the presence that can only be called divine; there is no other word to express it. That one hour becomes a transforming process.”

The First and Last Freedom

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