Abuse of Power: Trump in the Dock – the USA on Trial

Abuse of Power: Trump in the Dock – the USA on Trial

Abuse of power: You have seen the President of the US and his understanding of power, summarized below. You can enjoy the contrast with Osho’s understanding here: What Lies Behind the Abuse of Power?

Anyone with even half an eye on the news out of the US knows perfectly well that Trump used the power of his office to coerce the Ukrainians into finding dirt on his political rival in the coming US presidential election. You will also know that he did everything he could to prevent any evidence related to that from becoming public.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is one of the most diligent drill-down specialists who has exposed a whole sewer-full of corruption: intrigues, conspiracies, lies…. The full monty. You can get a taste of this here, and here, almost everywhere.

Perhaps the most egregious example of the mind-bending levels of hypocrisy on display here is Trump openly boasting that he has “all the materials” – which the public and the Senate need to see to confirm his guilt or innocence, and which he is withholding – “And they don’t.” 

Or maybe this one is even more shocking:

Watch Lindsey – “Trump was sent by God” – Graham explaining how important it is to have all the evidence available to be able to find the truth in a case of impeachment. And then saying exactly the opposite. Good to remember that his enthusiasm for the truth in cases of impeachment involved a married man trying to cover up blowjobs in the office! – not taking the risk of blowing up Central Europe, which is the case with Trump.

As the famous duck test explains: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. So, whether it is Donald Duck or a Duck called Donald, the stench of abuse of power can be smelled around the world.

Ok, so let’s say it is not a duck: All that evidence implicating Trump in the Ukranian shenanigans is faulty. Suppose there was no quid pro quo, no cover-up, and this whole impeachment business is just a “partisan” charade to “overturn the will of the people” expressed in the last election.

Hey, no problem.

Bring on the evidence and confirm Trump’s innocence.
Then we can drop the whole game as the Republicans want.

This is where the USA is also on trial. These “lawmakers” – of perhaps the world’s most powerful body of people – are now judge and jury of this matter. And publicly announce that they have no interest whatsoever in being impartial. Then, without a blink, they take an Oath, along with all the other senators, to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: so help me God.”

Religion and politics, joining forces to create a standard of dishonesty that is truly staggering.

Then, as the trial begins. Trump’s party behave, not like jurors and judges as they have promised, but like lawyers for the defense. They just block all attempts to find out the truth of whatever happened, something they insist is just an innocent phone call – in fact, a “perfect” call – but refuse to provide the evidence to prove it. So now it is not just Trump who is abusing power, but also his fellow travelers in the Senate.

Osho has always explained that politics is the dirtiest game there is, and along with the religions, the priests and politicians are the root causes of the ugliness of the human condition. The ultimate expression of the abuse of power.

What a turnaround. After decades of struggle to win what luckily turned out to be a “Cold” War, the USA can now boast its very own version of what used to be regarded as the ultimate proof of the totalitarian nature of the Soviet Union: A show trial.

But what about all Trump’s other fellow travelers – the 62 million Americans who put Trump there in the first place? That is only about 25% of the eligible voters, but the way this “democracy” works that was enough. Rumor has it that they may well vote him in again. The rest of the world was totally shocked that the Americans would vote Bush in for a second term as president, in spite of starting what were obviously pointless, catastrophic wars that have cost uncountable lives and treasure, and still go on even today.

That is why America is now also on trial.

Americans, who are reputed to not even know where Iraq is on the map, could be surprised how many people on the planet are acutely aware of the abuse of power of the priests and politicians who Americans choose to support. It could be the mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died because of that fruitless invasion, based on a corrupted foreign policy as now! Or the loved ones and friends of the 150,000 Afghans who have died since the US invasion there? If you want to go further back, nothing much changes.

You find Reagan involved in genocidal policies, particularly in Latin America – which has everything to do with all the people today fleeing those brutalized countries by the way! There was Nixon and his Watergate, Spiro Agnew taking envelopes of money in the basement of the White House, the deliberately manufactured Gulf of Tonkin incident by the US government to justify expanding the war against Vietnam, resulting in another million plus deaths.

Then there was the 1953 Iranian coup d’état – when the CIA conspired to remove the last democratic leader of Iran and replace him with a dictator – which is still reverberating today with Trump’s assassination of Major General Qasem Soleimani. Another reckless insanity, also based on fabricated intelligence, that brought us close to a major war in the Middle East.

Just a taste of what is to come if those Republican Senators stay hidden in the closet.

There was an interview on UK TV soon after 9/11 with a black actor who was asked about how Americans were reacting to that whole shocking episode. She said it was like a suburban house being attacked by people with machine guns. Then the wife comes running out into the road to find out what happened. At which point the neighbors ask her in disbelief, “You didn’t know you were married to Don Corleone?”

Now Americans need to decide if they are going to stay married to another Don!

The irony of all this is that so many of those 175 million voters who did not vote for Trump, and of so many those 62 million who did, are themselves directly the victims of the same abuse of power. The women, the children, the poor, the less educated, the sick, the non-white-skinned people and all the other minorities that are being failed by the corruption of that same US Constitution. Not to mention all those servicemen and women sent to their deaths in all those meaningless wars. The residents of that amazing environmental experiment in communal living in Oregon experienced exactly this first hand when their city was destroyed in the same fashion by the American lawmakers of the time – the same Reagan administration which was simultaneously destroying those Latin American countries mentioned above.

Of course, it is important to point out that this kind of ugliness happens almost everywhere. Are there any politicians who do not abuse power? At least the US still has a constitution that prevents much of the dirt from being swept under the carpet, as happens in so many other places. In the US, at least most of it comes to the surface so we can have some idea of what is going on.

That is why the world is watching the USA on trial.

When it turns out that the great self-proclaimed bastion of democracy, human rights, and respect for individual freedom is just another game of smoke and mirrors, we all lose.

If Trump is not stopped, look forward to the next US election, or perhaps if we are lucky only the one after that, turning into a coronation. King Donald Jr. the First? Rolls right off the tongue!

So, if that God ever turns up to work again after his famous, one-and-only, 6-day week, all we can say is “God help the US Constitution.”

P.S. Seems God declined the offer. The politicians in the Senate have decided not to call witnesses, and have essentially confirmed that Trump can do whatever he wants, shredding the US Constitution in the process. According to the New York Times, the Chief Justice had the power to prevent this ugly outcome. But, hey! Justice? Me? Yes, you, Chief Justice. Then again, when you look at his own contribution to the demise of everything that made America exceptional, I guess his hiding under a rock is no surprise.

Now, American “exceptionalism” takes a new turn: The world can see that American politicians are exceptionally corrupt, just like everywhere else. What a shame!

If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this insanity in the name of Democracy, at least Seth Meyers is there to make you laugh.
Perhaps we leave the last word with something musical.


You can read here about Osho explaining how the abuse of power is ubiquitous in our world. And exactly the remedy.

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