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Global Peace - Just Women's Work?
Rabiya al-Adabiya

Global Peace – Just Women’s Work?

Unless man frees woman completely from all bondage – religious, political, social – he will never get rid of his own inferiority complex. The freedom of woman is going to be the freedom of man too.

Fear is as human as love

Fear Is as Human as Love

Don't hide, don't fight, don't escape into explanations. Go into it! Go into the storm. And be afraid – there is nothing wrong in it. Fear is as human as love, as anger. Be human and welcome humanity in yourself.

No News at All

No News at All

Before the outside world is destroyed by your politicians, enter your inner world. That's the only safety left, the only shelter against nuclear weapons, against global suicide, against all these idiots who have so much power to destroy.

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