Use Hypnosis to Prevent Disease and Maintain a Healthy Mind

Use Hypnosis to Prevent Disease and Maintain a Healthy Mind

“Seventy percent of diseases are mind-oriented. Through hypnosis those diseases can be prevented before they occur. Through hypnosis it can be found out what kind of sickness is going to happen in the near future.

“There are no symptoms on the body, the routine physical examination of the person will not show any indication that he is going to be sick or ill, he is perfectly healthy.

“But through hypnosis we can find that within three weeks he is going to fall sick, because before anything comes to the body, it comes from the deep cosmic unconscious. It travels from there to the collective unconscious, to the unconscious, and only then, when it comes to the conscious mind, can it be checked and found in the body.

Sicknesses can be prevented even before the person has any idea that he is going to be sick.

“In Russia, one genius photographer, Kirlian, has even photographed people…. His whole life he has been working in photography, with very sensitive plates, sensitive lenses, to find something that is not available to ordinary eyes and ordinary instruments. And he was puzzled that he can see in his photographs at least six months ahead.

“If he takes a picture of a rosebud with his special sensitive plates, the picture is not of a rosebud, the picture is of a rose. Tomorrow it is going to be a rose. No other camera can do that miracle.

“First he himself was puzzled how the sensitive plate can take a picture of something which has not happened yet – and when tomorrow the bud opens up, it is exactly similar to the photograph, there is no difference at all.

“Then he discovered more and more that there is a certain aura surrounding the bud – just an energy aura, and that energy aura has the whole program of how the bud is going to open. The sensitive plate gets the picture of the energy aura that we cannot see with our bare eyes. Then he started working on diseases, and in Soviet medicine he has created a revolution.

“You need not first become sick, and then be cured. You can be cured even before you had any knowledge of any sickness, because Kirlian photography will show in what part the sickness is going to show, because the energy aura will be sick, already sick. It is six months ahead. It is connected with your cosmic unconscious.

Through hypnosis and deeper experiments with it, you can find sicknesses that are going to happen and they can be treated.

“The children can be happier. It has been a topic of concern to the psychoanalysts why all over the world, except in a few places, seventy years has become the routine idea of the length of life, because there are a few tribes in Kashmir, where people have always lived one hundred and thirty years, one hundred and forty years, one hundred and fifty, and even at the age of one hundred and fifty they were as energetic as any young man. They never became old, they remained young until they died.

“In Soviet Russia, in the Caucasus, from where Joseph Stalin came and George Gurdjieff came…. The Caucasus has produced really strong men. There is a small part where people live even to one hundred and eighty years. There are thousands of people who have passed one hundred and fifty.
“One of my friends was working there and he asked a farmer, who was tilling the ground, “How old are you?”
He counted on his fingers, because he was uneducated. He said, “It must be nearabout one hundred and eighty.”
My friend could not believe it – one hundred and eighty! And he is still young.

“He enquired in the town and they said, “He is right. His father lived for two hundred years and we hope that he will also live two hundred years, because no sign of death can be seen.”

Psychologists have been concerned to find the reason why in a few places people live long and in most of the world people live only the routine seventy years.

“George Bernard Shaw, when he became seventy years old, moved away from London. His friends said, “What are you doing? In old age it is better to be here with friends, society – and you are a man of society, a man of culture.”

“He said, “I cannot live here. I am now seventy. This society believes that people die at seventy and that belief is dangerous. I am going to find some place where people don’t believe such a thing.”

“And he found a small village nearby, and the way he went to find out was to go into graveyards and look on the stones for how long people had been living; and on a stone he found in one graveyard it said that the man had lived one hundred and twenty years. And the graveyard stone was saying, “He died an untimely death at the age of one hundred and twenty years.”

“He said, “This is the place to live, where people think that somebody dying at one hundred and twenty is untimely.” And he lived there, and he lived long. He managed to live a century. And in that graveyard that was the case; on all the stones nobody had died at seventy.

“It seems to be that it is just a psychological programming. For centuries we have been programmed…seven decades and you are finished. That has gone so deep that you die, not because your body is not capable of living, but because your psychology insists, “Follow the routine. Follow the crowd.” And in everything else you are following the crowd, so naturally you follow the crowd psychology in this too.

“Scientists say that man’s body is capable of living at least three hundred years. Just as it goes on rejuvenating itself for seventy years, in fact it can go on for three hundred years, but the program has to be changed. Scientists think in a different way how to change the program, and it will take very long for them. They think the program is in the cells of the body.

“So unless we split the human cell, just as we have been able to split the atom, and reprogram it, which seems to be far away, because even the scratch work has not started….

But my understanding is that there is no need to go through physiology, you can go through psychology.

“If your hypnosis goes deep enough…the more you go into it, if it becomes an every day thing, slowly, slowly you will touch the cosmic unconscious and there is the real programming, you can change it.

“Our children can live longer, our children can live healthier, our children can live without old age. All this is possible, and we have to make it, to show to the world, but it is dangerous in the sense that if politicians get hold of hypnotic methods they are going to use it for their own purposes.

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