The Difference between Intelligence and Intellect

The Difference between Intelligence and Intellect

Logic Is a Barrier, Not a Bridge

“It is logical that first one should understand and only then should one try to live. But life is far deeper than logic, and many times life is absolutely illogical.

“If you try to cling to logic you will miss many things, and those many things are the most precious. You will miss love, you will miss meditation, you will miss joy, you will miss the divine, you will miss freedom. You will miss all that makes life significant, that gives life beauty, splendor. You will miss the presence of godliness that surrounds you. Logic is a barrier, not a bridge.…

“Meditation has to be experienced. If you try to figure out what it is, you will miss the point because it is not a question of mind at all. Meditation means a state of no-mind. I am constantly pulling you towards the state of no-mind, in every possible way.

“What I am doing here is absurd, it is not logical. You will have to put logic aside; otherwise I will say one thing and you will understand something else.…

“Put your intellect aside. And remember, I am not telling you to put your intelligence aside. On the contrary, if you can put your intellect aside you will be far more intelligent, because intelligence and intellectuality are not synonymous, they are antagonistic. Intelligence is clarity; intellectuality is nothing but a clouded state. Intellectuality means you are too knowledgeable; your knowledge goes on interfering. Your mind is continuously interpreting, your mind is judging.

“Listen to me without any judgment. I am not saying agree with me – there is no question of agreement or disagreement – just listen. Now please don’t try hard. In fact, stop trying, drop trying.

Just listen for the sheer joy of listening.

“The wind passing through the pine trees, listen. The sound of running water, listen. The birds singing in the morning, listen. Don’t try to understand.

“Just by listening, something will start reaching your heart. A song, a dance will start happening. Your heart will start opening up like a flower and great fragrance will be released – and that will be real understanding.”

Osho Times International – courtesy Osho International Foundation –

Excerpted from: Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11, Talk #6 – Rising In Love

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