Celebrate Your Feminine Qualities

Celebrate Your Feminine Qualities

Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, and authenticity.

“These are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has. But the whole past has been dominated by man and his qualities.

“Naturally in war, love is of no use, truth is of no use, beauty is of no use, aesthetic sensibility is no use. In war, you need a heart which is more stony than stones. In war, you need simply hate, anger, a madness to destroy.

“In three thousand years, man has fought five thousand wars. Yes, this is also strength but not worthy of human beings. This is strength derived from our animal inheritance.

It belongs to the past, which is gone, and the feminine qualities belong to the future, which is coming.

“There is no need to feel yourself weak because of your feminine qualities. You should feel grateful to existence that what man has to earn, you have been given by nature as a gift.

“Man has to learn how to love. Man has to learn how to let the heart be the master and the mind be just an obedient servant. Man has to learn these things. The woman brings these things with her, but we condemn all these qualities as weaknesses. Even if you have chosen women as great individuals, you can see what you have chosen – you have chosen a man. Because you have chosen the qualities of man that were in the woman. For example, Joan of Arc had all the qualities of man. The Queen of Jhansi in India had all the qualities of man: she could fight with a naked sword, could kill people without any problem. Such women have been chosen in history and great tribute is paid to them by the historians. And they don’t represent women. In fact, that is the reason why they have been chosen, because they are just carbon copies of men.

Women are women and men are men; there is no question of comparison.

“Equality is out of the question. They are not unequal and neither can they be equal. They are unique.

“Rejoice in your feminine qualities, make a poetry of your feminine qualities. That is your great inheritance from nature. Don’t throw it away, because the man does not have them. To be equal, you may start doing idiotic things.

“We have a deep respect for feminine qualities and those qualities prohibit many things, encourage many other things. The woman should not try to imitate man, because even if you succeed…. It is difficult to succeed. Imitation is always imitation, it is never equal. But for argument’s sake, if we accept that you can become exactly like a man, you will lose all that you have and you will not gain anything. Because even in the eyes of man, you will not be beautiful anymore, and in your own eyes, you will be shattered. It was better to be unequal than to be equal, because now the man takes no interest.

“A woman should keep her separateness, should save all her feminine qualities and purify them. In this way she is going, according to her nature, towards enlightenment.”

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