Foster Equal Opportunity and See Women Blossom

Women's empowerment is important for humanity

Women Have Been Oppressed For Millennia

The feminist movement has done its best to liberate women from this oppression, to create equal opportunity yet it is only very recently that a campaign has started to make the voices of those who’ve suffered at the hands of men heard.

Osho’s vision is clear

“Man has always been interested in faraway things. The woman is never interested in faraway things, her interest is very real. And if she is allowed freedom – and she will have to be allowed because it is time. This kind of slavery cannot be tolerated anymore; neither by women, nor by any man who has any compassion, any intelligence, any love. This situation has to be totally changed.

“Then she will sing songs that her past is absolutely missing. She will dance, and she will dance better than any Nijinsky; she will paint better than any Picasso. And her songs and her paintings and her music and her dances will be closer to life, more sane, more healthy. Once she is completely liberated she will be able to produce more Buddhas, more Bodhidharmas, more Jesuses than man has been able to. And one thing can be said with absolute certainty, that she will not crucify a Jesus, she will not poison a Socrates, she will not murder a Mansoor; that is simply inconceivable about woman.

Man is destructive, woman is creative.

Her laughter will also be of a different quality, of a far superior quality, more innocent and more childlike.

“If all over the world the woman is allowed freedom to grow to her potential, there will be many, many women enlightened; many, many women mystics, poets, painters.And they will enhance not only the woman’s part of the world – because the world is one – they will enhance the whole world.

“They will give man also new dimensions because their ways of seeing things are different. Man looks at things in one way; the woman looks from a different perspective. Life will become richer.

Equal Opportunity Is Essential

“It is for the betterment of both man and woman that the woman should be given every freedom and equal opportunity for her individuality. Then there will be a sense of humor.

And the woman can laugh more gracefully than man, she has every potential for it – but it is repressed, condemned, criticized. She has lived a life of such misery that you cannot hope that she will show some sense of humor.

“But the day is not far away, then the whole earth will be full of laughter. Instead of talks about war, instead of politicians giving speeches all around the world, instead of the sermons of stupid priests who know nothing, it will be far better that every man and every woman is able to see the hilarious side of life and to enjoy it.”

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