God Dwells Within

God Dwells Within Me as Me

Godliness. A Parable.

“In the beginning, god used to live on M.G. Road in Pune, but then people started troubling him too much. Day and night they would knock on his door – complaints and complaints: Do this, do that.

‘Tomorrow we need rains,’ somebody would say. And then somebody else would come and say, ‘Tomorrow no rains, because I am doing my laundry tomorrow.’ He started feeling that he would go crazy!

“He asked his advisors. They said, ‘You can move to the Himalayas.’

“He said, ‘That’s not going to help very much, because I can see into the future. Soon a man named Hillary will reach Everest. And once one man reaches there, then it’s finished! Then buses will soon be coming and helicopters and airplanes, and hotels will open up and restaurants and I will again be on MG Road! That won’t help.’

“Somebody suggested, ‘Then why don’t you move to the moon?’

“He said, ‘That’s not going to help either. Just a few years more and another man will walk on the moon. And if they find any trace of me anywhere, the whole world will rush towards me.’

Then one advisor came close to him and whispered, ‘Why don’t you hide in man himself?’

God said, ‘That’s right! There, it is very, very rare that people look. Once in a while, few and far between – a Buddha, a Jesus will look inside. Otherwise nobody looks in. And the people who look in are not dangerous.

“The deeper they go inwards, the more peaceful they become. By the time they reach to the center they have lost all language, so they can’t complain and they can’t pray!

By the time they reach me they will melt into me and I will melt into them.’

“And since then god has been residing in man. This is a secret I should not have told you. At least do me one favor – don’t tell it to anybody else!”

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