Become a Dancing Energy

Become a Dancing Energy

A sannyasin who is going to the West says: I feel a bit scared of going back. Scared to lose everything that I’ve felt here…

“That fear is natural it comes to everybody, mm?

“Just raise your hands and feel like a tree in the strong wind. Dance like a tree in the rains and the winds… Let your whole energy become a dancing energy. Sway and move with the wind. Just feel the wind passing through you. Forget that you have a human body – you are a tree. Get identified with the tree…

“Whenever you feel that you are losing anything, just do this meditation. Go into the open if it is possible, stand amongst the trees, become a tree, and let the wind pass through you. To feel identified with the tree is immensely strengthening, nourishing. One easily enters into the primal consciousness; trees are still in it. Talk with trees, hug the trees, and you will suddenly feel that everything is back. And if it is not possible to go out, then just stand in the middle of the room, visualize yourself as being a tree – it is raining and there is a strong wind – and start dancing. But dance as a tree and you will be able to get the flow that is happening.

“It is only a question of learning the art of how to keep it flowing. It is there, and I can understand your fear – going back, getting into the old pattern of life, you may lose it – but I am giving you a key. This will be your key: you can always unlock it whenever it becomes locked.”

Osho, The Madman’s Guide to Enlightenment, Talk #18

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