The Buddha Unity – Where Is Zorba?

Zorba the Buddha

What Does It Mean to Be Whole?

“If we want a whole man – and to me a whole man is the only holy man – then Zorba has to be absorbed into Buddha. They have to be accepted totally as one. And I don’t see where the trouble is. In fact, Zorba plus Buddha will be a tremendous enrichment.

Buddha cannot laugh, cannot dance, cannot sing, cannot love. Now what kind of life will it be? Hollow! Zorba can sing, dance, enjoy food, drink, love. He will have a life, but he will not know who he is.

“He will not know the meaning of existence. He will never come to experience the deathlessness of life, the eternity of his existence – that he has been here always, and will be always; only forms change. He will never enter into his own center. He will always remain in the cyclone, very busy, concerned with everything except himself.

“And the center of the cyclone is the most ecstatic experience, the ultimate experience of human consciousness. Beyond that there is nothing; you have arrived home.

“But I don’t see that there is any problem, there is no contradiction. You can arrive home, you can be at your center – what prevents you from laughing? In fact, you should be the only one who can really laugh, can become laughter; who can really love, can become love itself – where the lover disappears and only love remains; one who can dance and dance to such abandon that the dancer is completely gone, there is only dance.

“This is my effort: To bring Zorba the Buddha into the world.

That will create a unity in you; your body and soul will have a unity. You will not have to fight against your nature, you can use it as a stepping stone. There is no need to fight, there is no need to repress. All psychological diseases are out of repression.

“All psycho-pathological people are just incurable unless they accept their nature totally, without any grudge. You have to use your natural energies to grow. It will bring man into a totality.

“All religions have made you schizophrenic, split. They have created guilt in you by creating a split; it is their whole business. Only a guilty man will go to church, will go to the synagogue, will go to the temple; otherwise there is no need.

If you are one, you would like to dance in the open air under the sun. That will be your real prayer. Nothing is said, nothing is asked, but you are showing your gratitude to existence.

“Zorba the Buddha will not only destroy the split in man, it will destroy the split in society….

Zorba the Buddha has to first bridge the gap within himself – that will be the basic thing – then start bridging gaps in society.

“The world needs to be one. The world needs one language. 

The world needs only one kind of man: Zorba the Buddha.

“The world is fed up with all your religions and all your nations. It is fed up with your priests and your politicians.

“And Zorba the Buddha can do it very silently – just by his presence, just by his loving, compassionate approach to everything.

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