On the Failure of Feminism

Mainstream Feminism's Failure

“The liberation movement is not really in favor of woman’s future, it is against it. It is a reactionary movement. They are asking for equality with men. Why equality? Woman is woman, man is man; they are unique beings. They are not equal, they are not unequal either; they are simply different. They are opposite polarities.

“Asking for equality, they are doing all kinds of idiotic things. Because man smokes, liberation women are smoking. Do you think this is intelligence? Man is doing something foolish, but to be equal, you have to do that foolish thing. Soon the women’s liberation will tell women to piss standing! Equality? This is sheer nonsense.

“I don’t see that there is any problem. Women should behave like women, according to their nature. A woman smoking looks as if something has gone wrong. And please, at least don’t start pissing standing. Equality does not mean that you have to do everything that man is doing.

Psychologically there is no equality; there is only uniqueness. The woman has to assert her uniqueness, and she has a different way of expressing herself.

“It is not only when you make a painting that you are a creator; when you make delicious food, you are an even greater creator, because nobody can eat the painting. It does not help in any way. You just have to make certain that whatever you are doing is done as a worship, as love, as creativity.

“Your creativity as woman is far more nourishing than man’s creativity. What does he do? He paints, he makes sculpture, he writes poetry, novels. This is good, but it is only entertainment; it is not life.

Woman has to contribute more to life.

“Why not make life more poetic? And just a small touch and life becomes poetic. Why not make life a little more musical? Why not make life more colorful? – which will be the woman’s way of painting. Why not grow beautiful gardens around your house? Why not bring thousands of flowers around your house? A flower is far more valuable than any sculpture. The sculpture is dead; the flower is alive, is full of dance in the wind, in the rain, in the sun.

The woman should not try to imitate man; otherwise she will be only a second-grade man. She will never become equal, she will be only a carbon copy.

“Be original. And that’s what I have been trying in my commune: giving women every opportunity to express their potentiality.

“My respect for women remains the same.

Every man should be respectful to women: they are your mothers, they are your beloveds. Every woman should be respectful towards men: they are your children, they are your lovers.

“There is no question of any conflict between man and woman: they are two sides of the same coin.”


Excerpted and abridged from: Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Talk #14 – No Master, No Disciple

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