A Workout for Your Consciousness

A Workout for Your Consciousness

“A COURSE IN MEDITATION”— 21 simple chapters so you can learn how to meditate and integrate meditation into your daily life.

We work out to keep our body fit, young and to maintain our physical well-being. But what are we doing for our consciousness? More and more people are looking inwards, seeking to free themselves from the burdens of modern life. Collectively the world is slowly waking up….

but for the quantum leap in consciousness humanity needs methods that yield rapid results are required. A total revolution in consciousness is needed! That revolution is meditation. Right now in this very moment you have the opportunity to change your life!

Osho gave one of the greatest gifts to humanity — a new understanding of meditation. He gave people the opportunity to explore meditation in all of its dimensions laughing, singing, dancing, celebrating and through silence. He coined the term “Zorba the Buddha” to refer to the part of us that wants to grow in consciousness but also wants to enjoy all the worldly things. This is the future of humanity.

Today a new generation is discovering Osho’s work and his meditations. We have an amazing opportunity to share this wisdom so that you can take these tools into your day to day life. You don’t have to run away from the world to the Himalayas. You just need to make the commitment and give yourself the gift of meditation. With practice and the right understanding it can transform every aspect of your life. From your working life to your relationships.

Psychological issues are on the rise as we move further and further away from our natural state of being a state of unconditioned mind. As a result stress, anxiety, depression and a whole list of physical aliments are sucking the juice out of life. In this new book we have put together a 21-day course to help you squeeze the juice out of life instead of letting life squeezing the juice out of you!

The book introduces Osho’s vision of meditation to new people and also experienced meditators.  The book has 21 chapters and a matching audiobook with 21 sections that you can listen to at anytime, to tune in reconnect and relax into your being. It contains many ideas that have not been associated with the modern meditation trend such as ‘mindfulness’. Osho’s vision is much more radical, far reaching and applicable to modern meditators in the marketplace. Be prepared to be blown away.

Each chapter deals with a different problem area like love and relating, releasing anger, finding balance, slowing down, taking more risks in life, opening up your creativity, letting go of your judgement, self-love, sex plus many more. Suggestions and exercises are given with practical examples so that you can look inwards then with a fresh eyes start to move beyond the conditioning that is holding you back. This treasure trove of support is a revelation for your consciousness.

“A COURSE IN MEDITATION”—in 21 simple chapters you can learn how to meditate and integrate meditation into your daily life. 21 days commitment is more than enough for transformation. With totality and intensity you will feel a revolution of your inner world even just after a few days.

We highly recommend the audiobook edition of this course. It allows you to jump in wherever you are from your mobile device. For further reading and if you are the type to favor an evidence-based approach we have links to some the latest scientific articles on mediation and its benefits: This Is Your Brain on Silence”; “Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain”; Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think”.

Take a step today to consciously create more space and freedom to live your life to the fullest.

This title is available as a Book, and eBook and an Audiobook.
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