The Death of DJ Avicii

The Death of DJ Avicii

In 2018, acclaimed DJ, Avicii, died from apparent suicide aged 28, at the height of his success.

In 2017 he told Rolling Stone:

“It’s about consciousness. None of us today can fucking handle our emotions – most of us are running around being reactive. That’s why I had to stop touring, because I couldn’t read my emotions the right way.”

After his death, his family said, “Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions.

He wanted to find peace.

Osho on OSHO Dynamic Meditation:

Our culture teaches us to suppress. Etiquette does not allow us to weep loudly or to laugh loudly; it does not allow us to dance or to scream as we please. It puts pressures on us from all sides with the result that all that needs to happen within us is suppressed. Then one day the accumulated pressure of these emotions explodes and the situation goes beyond our control. Thus, catharsis is the first step in our method of meditation, and through it we release all our pent up emotions within.

Osho: The Active Meditation Revolution

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